David Attenborough

I used to watch a series that would show on either NatGeo or Animal Planet, I don't recall which.   It is hosted by David Attenborough and is a fascinating look at some of the world's amazing animals.   I really miss having programs like this on TV.   I think of some of our treasures like David, and Jacques Cousteau, and journalists like Charles Kuralt.   They took us to places we hadn't seen, let us experience some of the amazing things our planet has to offer, and always did it with such class.

If you have never seen the wonderful shows that David Attenborough did about birds, do yourself a favor and find them on YouTube.   My favorites are the Bowerbirds and the Birds of Paradise.   They are fascinating creatures and worth your time to watch.

Interesting and educational programming....we need more of this back on our screens!


As grandparents we try to instill a little bit of this in our grandkids instead of the Disney and other movies they constantly see advertised everywhere. These educational animal shows should be touted by the media and on commercials as well, but I doubt that will happen.
Rae said…
Attenborough is AWESOME! If you have Netflix, I believe a few of his series are on watch instantly.
Hi Denise Yes these programmes are great. Last year when I was in Australia i saw one of the birds of Paradise displaying myself and have seen several bowers. Wonderful experience.

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