Disruption in Routine

We have a fox in the area.   I saw it last Saturday morning in the neighbor's field.   I had let the chickens out about a half hour earlier and was sitting in the living room having morning coffee.   I happened to look out in that direction and saw it.   So I went out, yelling and clapping, and chased it back toward the gully behind the neighbor's property.   And then I ran into the house for some red grapes to lure all the chickens back into their yard.   Success.   The chickens had to stay in their yard all day which was very stressful for them because it hit 102 degrees that day.   They like to hunker down under the redwood or lilac, lay their eggs in the horse trailer, and any change in routine creates stress.   

See this ravine/gully?   

Fox territory!!!   (Fun things you can do with Internet images and PicMonkey)  

See who else lives down there?   (More fun things you can do with PicMonkey)

Sunday evening the dogs were barking (nothing new there) and I went out to see what was capturing their attention.   It was the fox.   Fortunately the chickens were already in bed for the night, tucked away safely where they can't be killed.   But are they going to have to spend their lives in their yard?   Certainly a fox can jump their fence so they aren't really safe in there.   It just keeps them from wandering around and catching the fox's eye.   Or maybe that's a silly way to look at it.   Would they be safer out and about?   

We routinely let the dogs out of their yard to run on the property in the morning and again in the evening.   During the rest of the day, we usually let the donkeys out of their area to roam the property and eat weeds or sleep under the eucalyptus tree.  With the fox wandering around, probably seeking food for babies, we now leave the dog's gate open so they can run out back to chase away intruders.   

The dogs can't get to the front of the property,  which happens to be where the chickens live.   So we are still vulnerable.   It's not fun, changing the routine.   Animals like routine and so do I.   This is what the chickens should be doing.   

Enjoy your Thursday.   We are still on high alert.   The pellet gun is close at hand, not that I could hit anything....but it makes a noise, right?


Hi Denise I am glad you are on the case of the fox and hope he disappears quickly so that the chickens can have their freedom back. I love your dog. Looks like a guard dog. Margaret
TexWisGirl said…
oh, i hate when predators lurk! here it is coyotes. don't know how anyone here manages to keep chickens or ducks alive.
Hee hee.. I wants me a pellet gun too! Love the Picmonkey artrwork! Big fox and awesome bunny heads! LOL
simply bev said…
Yes indeed our animals like routine! We have a family of opossum in our back yard at the moment and the babies are wandering. Can't let our dog out back at night till their a little bigger. What a pain!
Lynne said…
Oh dear . . . I don't like thinking of the ranch chickens/animals in some danger . . , or if you are. I will be happier when I know everyone is safe and free . . .

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