Here It Comes's on the way for real.   

Not much sitting outside when those temperatures hit.   I suppose the tomatoes will like it.   The rest of us, not so much.

I haven't done much photography lately except with my iPhone.   I could be staging some lovely still life shots in the house, but I don't seem to have that type of creativity.   A still life shot for me is when I'm outside and our usual wind isn't blowing.

Maybe a trip to the beach is in order.   Want to come along?   We can dip our toes in the cold water, being careful not to let the little fishies bite us.

Or sit and wait for a beautiful sunset on a hot summer night.   

How are you spending your Summer?   Are you relishing every moment or dreaming of Autumn?   So far, I've been doing a little of both....but Summer is about to get hotter.   For real.


I rarely stage an indoor photo.... just shoot and go is my motto. LOL
TexWisGirl said…
love the snowy and his reflection. :) i'm not looking forward to being 'trapped' inside, either.
Hartwood Roses said…
Good God, Denise. Is that weather calendar for real? We have the high temperatures, with humidity to keep everything interesting, but at least we almost always have the possibility of an afternoon thunderstorm to wash things off and cool it down for a little while.
A Quiet Corner said…
I hate it when it's THAT hot and humid....YUCK!...:)JP
That last photo is just beautiful. Wow! I can't believe your weather! That's usually ours at this time of year but for some reason we're having a nice long Spring {and I'm so grateful for it!}.
simply bev said…
Love the photo of the egret! We're getting warmer here too but have had an awful lot of rain. I shouldn't complain because I know the high heat is coming soon so I should appreciate being able to have the windows open while I can!
It looks like our forecast--I'm trying to not complain about it, but I have to complain about the humidity, but it's not summer without it! Stay cool!! :-)
Lin said…
Oh my, that is TOOOOO hot!! I hope you are staying cool!
Lynne said…
Now that looks HOT! Not sure if I could "weather the weather!"

Keep me/us charmed by your exceptional outdoor photos ! No indoor staging necessary for you . . .
Connie said…
Great photos . . . looks like you are in for a hot summer. I am sure that the breeze off the ocean help.
It's raining in our area, but that's a good time to catch up on cleaning and maybe spend some time in my studio.
Enjoy each day!
Your blogging sister,
Connie :)

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