Every single time I pull up in my truck, I am greeted by my fans.   If your mind works like mine, you can imagine them saying, "Chicken Mama is home!   What did you bring us, Chicken Mama?"   Yes, my mind works like that and I must say, it's kind of fun.   

It's Wednesday, I hope you have a good one!


Everyone loves talking/clucking chickens. I saw some along the side of our road just a couple of days ago and they spoke to me as I drove by. Didn't have my camera, darn it...

And I LOVE the hump day camel. He's hilarious!
shirley said…
LOL!! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face this Wednesday!
My old chickens used to rush me when I came home from work -- these newer chickens must find having me around here all the time boring. Lol.
TexWisGirl said…
cute little 'herd'. :)
Michelle said…
lol How cute is that?! I would love to have them clucking at me!
Hi didn't Chicken everyone know talk!! Love it and also the camel. hilarious. Margaret

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