Random 5 Friday

1.    I won this t-shirt on my sister's blog give-away.   It's really soft and I like it a lot.

2.    I think we might have a big crop of pomegranates this year.   We do absolutely nothing to this tree and it flourishes.   Go figure.

3.    We purchased the Buddha I showed you a couple weeks ago.   He's sitting next to the tomato plants which should be a very good thing.   There is such a peaceful feeling with Buddhas and I love having them in my yard and home.

4.    Last Christmas, Erik's daughter gave him The Executioner because he was leaving the back door open (no screen) and getting flies in his office area.   I have been practicing with it and getting much better.   You can swat and kill them in mid-air so you don't have to wait for landing.  

5.    I really like Fage yogurt and I've had it the past 4 mornings with fresh blueberries.   Now I have no more in the refrigerator and I don't know what to do about breakfast this morning.   

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I enjoy yogurt too but I read some things about it having high sugar content recently. I need to check the labels closer before I buy next time. I've never heard of that brand.

The Executioner? Hmmm... No problems with flies here at the time being but wondering if there is a true fly season here. Must Google it.

Glad you like the shirt!! Sooooo soft!
cute Buddha.

i will have to look into "Fage" ... don't think i have ever sampled it.

love pomegranates. ( :
Daryl said…
love the shirt, the poms bring back memories of my mom and i want one of those swatters!
Lynn said…
I had wondered about the Buddha, quite lovely and I'm sure he'll be good for the tomatoes. I love soft grey t shirts. Great photo of the pomegranate.
TexWisGirl said…
the executioner looks interesting!
Rebecca said…
Do stink bugs stink when zapped, I wonder? I wish our trees thrived on neglect!
Mary Ann said…
I have never tried that yogurt brand, but may, since your opinion of it is so good... and I think the shirt looks cute!
Michelle said…
I love Fage with honey. Excellent!
A Quiet Corner said…
I eat yogurt daily but mine is no fat and very low sugar...high in protein it makes delicious shakes!...:)JP
I enjoyed your five, and have to say that we have an "executioner" and there's something empowering about it, I think! :-)
Lynne said…
I would love several of those Pomegranates . . . Like them in a metal bowl with huge pine cones . . .

Like your "giveaway tee!"
Love that Executioner! :)
dang. youre good with this random fact thing!

visiting from nancys rural journal!
I've never seen pomegranates grow. those look great and I am glad you get a lot of them without having to work too hard at it.
Mark said…
And what does one do with the pomegranate?

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