Random 5 Friday

It's Friday and that means sharing at Nancy's place.

1.    I am picking and eating and sharing our delicious little peaches.   They're very small so it takes about 3 to equal 1 normal peach.   They are very good in yogurt and with Rice Chex.

2.    The first career I remember considering was being a "beautician" after we had a babysitter named Kay who would style our hair, one time doing mine in a beehive.   Remember the beehive in the 60's?    The style was not like today's beehive which is much softer.   It was heavy on "ratting" the hair and wrapping it and spraying it to last a long time.   This is an internet image.

3.    Our Central Coast towns are not big and definitely are not considered cities.   In the past 2 or 3 weeks, we've had 2 bank robberies and an armed robbery at 7-Eleven.   The first bank robber turned himself in, yesterday they arrested 2 suspects for the 7-Eleven robbery, and I haven't heard whether they've found anyone in the second bank robbery.   Absolutely crazy!   And probably drug related.   Two of the three robberies involved semi-automatic handguns.   Don't get me started....

4.    I think knitting would be a good hobby, but I also think it would make my hands sore.   It's one of the things I don't like about aging, not being as strong as I once was.   As an aside, I know how to use chopsticks.

5.    My brave and fierce and independent Clarabelle seems to have an injury that has kept her from being her spunky self.   She was always flying up and out of the yard when I would close them in.   I imagine she had a bad landing.   Poor little thing, she's always been a favorite of ours.   I hope it's nothing too serious.

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Lin said…
Bank robbery numbers are up as the economy and employment is low. It's easy money, sadly. I guess it's a last resort for some folks.

I love knitting, but it is not a cheap hobby. Oh sure, you can use that awful cheap nylon/acrylic "yarns", but they are so awful. I end up loving (and buying) the expensive hand-dyed yarns. Just warning you. ;)
Lynn said…
I do remember the ratting and the spraying I didn't look like your photo example though. I do not knit for long unending hours any more but I still knit it is a wonderful hobby.
TexWisGirl said…
sweet little hen. laughed at the cartoon!

we had a couple of robberies in our little town, too. 2 gas stations and a family dollar store. i believe they caught the guilty parties, though.
Hi Hope you hen is OK. She looks lovely. I love hens although don't have any. Have a great weekend. Margaret
Clarabelle is so cute. I sure hope she is going to recover really soon.
shirley said…
I think the smaller peaches must be super sweet - they look super yummy.
We have had a rash of shootings in our area. Crazy...
Hoping your hen feels better soon.
Snap said…
I knit and crochet and prefer crochet -- easier on my hands. I love peaches -- even the small ones. Going to get more at the Farmers Market tomorrow. Bank robberies are up everywhere, I think. Lovely shots. Enjoy your week.
It's difficult when a hen injures herself -- we had one that broke her leg and there really wasn't much we could do. I hope it's not serious for Clarabelle.
I had chicken yesterday. Bought it at the grocery store.. broiled. Quite yummy. Please get well, Clarabelle so bad things don't befall you. :)

No bank robberies in our area... knock on wood.

Michelle said…
We had a bank robbery in our very small community. Always strange when something like that happens, and scary.
Cindy D. said…
mmmmmm fresh peaches, my favorite. That looks delish!
Enjoyed your random five! (minus the robberies.. yikes, on that.)
Hope Clarabelle is up to her old mischief in no time.
Yikes regarding the bank robberies! Rice chex and peaches......never even thought of this one. :) I hope Clarabelle is ok.
Comfypjs said…
I actually became a beautician, which nowadays is called a hairstylist. But I gave it up because women can be really mean and nasty.
And I live in San Jose and this city has so much crime it is ridiculous!
pattisjarrett said…
I hope Clarabelle is ok, too.
There've been frequent bank robberies here, too, as of late. The cameras are getting better images to help people identify the thieves. One guy was on camera at four different banks he robbed. They were joking on the news that he hadn't changed clothes the second day.
I worked with a lady in the 70s who always wore her hair in a beehive.
Lynne said…
I like #4 . . . smiling . . .
No.#5 made me a bit sad. I hope Clarabelle feels better soon!
Gracie O'Tripp said…
Love that cartoon, it gave me a chuckle.
P.S. I DO like your photo example of the hair. xox
Mark said…
Love your randomness, and that header photo, very cool.

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