Chicken Sunday

Early morning,  sometimes you will find me following the chickens around with my camera.   Isn't that something you do too?   No?   Well, it's such a nice time of the day and it's always fun for me to try to capture my chickens' pretty colors or expressions.   They are getting older with some of them being 4 years old now.  One of the originals left us this morning.   She had a great life here.   RIP chicken.   I enjoy them a lot and wonder how long they'll all be with us.   

Delicious watermelon juice

Toby is looking older....I want to pull that loose feather!

Chicken Little and her Shadow
Enjoying some fresh water
Have a great Sunday.   We are driving to the coast for a walk on the beach.   It's a little cooler here this weekend....will I need a jacket?


Rebecca said…
I'm trying to talk my husband into a chicken hutch. No luck so far. I can't picture myself raising, feeding then eating them, but I would like the eggs!
Mary Ann said…
I had to have a sweatshirt on last night at the baseball game... who would have thought. Our chickens are beginning to die, too, Denise... one by one... they are mostly an older flock, and we are getting half the eggs we did formerly. We are undecided at this point whether or not to replace them, too.
TexWisGirl said…
they are sweet looking chickens...
Hi I love chickens. My Granny always kept chicken and they used to feed out of the hands.
Sad to think that they are aging. Four years sounds like a good long life for a chicken though, so you can pat yourself on the back for being such a good protector and chicken mama to them.

Hope the beach was fun!
Lynne said…
Great chick pics . . . (couldn't resist). Four years sounds like a long life for a chicken . . . I am sure it is the care they are receiving. I hope you are enjoying the beach and we will see some beautiful photos . . .
They are all so cute! Looks like you are taking very good care of them.
Lynn said…
Aren't they lovely, great photos of them too, so healthy and happy,and a walk on a beach sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday.
Ours love watermelon too. I'm sorry to read you lost one - we lost one on Friday as well. Our original girls are getting up there in age so I guess it's inevitable but sad nonetheless. :)

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