Random 5 Friday

1.   I grew tired of yogurt and peaches so I have switched to cottage cheese and mango.   It's a surprisingly good combination.

2.    I picked the first tomato from our plant and ate it yesterday.   My very first home grown tomato.   I have vowed to plant more food next year because knowing this is pure clean food with no chemicals is exciting.

3.   Thanks for all the "fingers crossed" for rain in our area.   But again, we don't normally get Summer rain.   If it happened, it would be very unusual.   And thanks for the nice comments about our Clarabelle a week or so ago.   She is doing a lot better, but I think she may have suffered an injury that is just slowing her down.   She's still a little sassy so that's good.

4.   My donkeys are still too fat.   Dang, it's hard to manage their weight.   Surprising what they find to eat out on the dry dusty property.

5.    You could probably guess by now that I love dramatic skies.   I even love beautiful bright blue skies against a simple background.   I just love taking photos of the sky and I cannot imagine how many thousands there are in my files.   So what's one more?

Have a great Friday and weekend!

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Mary Ann said…
Love your random five Fridays, Denise!
You've got some awesome skies there, so I'm always happy to see them. xo
Lynn said…
Your donkeys are like one of our cats who can manifest food out of thin air, she is round. That is an amazing sky!
Home grown is the best, good for you.
Mary said…
I love sky photos too!

Now i want some cottage cheese and mango! Sounds yummy and have never tried that combo.
I only eat cottage cheese if it has fruit on top. Yours looks GREAT and I"m glad to hear you will be planting my veggies next year. It's just all so yummy!
TexWisGirl said…
i have some 'pudgy' pups, here, that i've been trying to get some weight off of. :)
Sarah Carletti said…
I have to try the mango combo and my sister has fat horses! They just eat and eat!
HI Denise I agree with you that your own vegetables are always best. Great sky shot. Margaret
That mango and cottage cheese looks really tasty! I love both, so I should give this a try.
Michelle said…
Nothing like a good, dramatic sky. I also have many shots in my files. Happy Friday to you!
Lynne said…
Don't stop with the Sky Shots . . . you get the prize! I enjoyed your Randoms . . .
Hello, blog hopping and found your beautiful blog.

Nice post.

Please visit mine too and feel free to add comments.

Daryl said…
not a fan of cottage cheese but mango is yum .. next go for some pot cheese and berries

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