Those Eyes, A Big Surprise

I posted these photos on Facebook today.   They're not pretty but kind of sent me into awe for a short while.   I've lived here over 10 years and have never seen an owl that I recall.   I've heard them at times, at night, but never saw one until today.   And it was around Noon.   I looked out to check on the chickens because it was getting pretty hot, then noticed a different colored large bird grab something near the donkeys' far fence.   Hmmmm, I wondered, what is that?   The best way to see anything at a distance is to grab my camera with the 300mm zoom.   I walked outside and slowly toward the fence to open the gate.   It looked like an owl so I kept creeping forward a few feet at a time, taking photos of course!!   The owl started to get concerned so he grabbed his prey and tried to fly away with it.   He didn't get far so I guess it was too heavy to carry.   I finally got close enough to get these photos and just then a couple of vultures flew over.   The owl dropped his prey and few into the oak tree.   I didn't see him again.   I wasn't sure what he had so I went out later to check.   I didn't have to get too close because I could smell it.   A skunk.   I have smelled one the past few nights so maybe that's the one.   Anyway, I'm sure the owl or the vultures will come back at an opportune time and clean it up.   Harry and Gunny were out all day.   I'm not sure what they are going to say about a stinky dead skunk in their far paddock.   I'm just glad it's not in an area where the dogs can get it when they're out running around.

This owl seems to have something wrong with one of his eyes and I think it makes him look creepy.   That, and the blood on his face.  Big disgrace.   Wavin' your banner all over the place.    Of course I have to throw in a little Queen here because it makes sense....those of you on Facebook, I have found a video to accompany this story.   You're Welcome.

Cropped down so you can see his eye.   Do you think he's blind in that eye?   Maybe that's why he's out in the daytime.   I don't know owls but I am pretty sure they are supposed to be out at night.

What a big surprise....and those eyes!


TexWisGirl said…
glad he can still hunt successfully! i've seen barred owls out during the day a few times.
Loved the video! And you are right. Looks like he may have one bad eye. I suppose if an owl couldn't find food at night and was extremely hungry or had babies to feed that it could possibly opt to hunt during the day. Poor thing... I hope he gets by with only one eye.
Tabor said…
I love owls. What a tragedy for him/her. Looks like a great horned owl. I could not make the jump from an owl to an anthem by Queen, but then that may be just me!
Willow said…
Wow that is so cool and unusual ...the owl and the video lol
Hi Denise Great shots of the Owl. With that Owl having what looks like a possibly blind eye, it made me look up and research how Owls eyes work. They are incredible and I cannot put all my finding down here. However I didn't know that an owl's neck has 14 vertebrae, which is twice as many as humans. This allows the owl to turn its head through a range of 270 degrees measured from a forward facing position. In fact it can look up at 90% also. They are 3 eyelids with different functions and they can see as well in the night as the day but mostly in monochrome. There is much more so it is work looking up. Margaret
You caught him by surprise Denise. Owl's indeed do feed at night.. but they can sometimes be seen swooping down on a prey during the day.. I have seen that happen here around me a couple of times.. but very rare.
It does indeed look like a long horned owel..
I cant see anything wrong with his eyes..but , that is because my eyes are not so good either):-
great shots and post.
Rural Revival said…
What a rare opportunity to see such a magnificent animal!
I love owls! They are beautiful and magnificent creatures. I've only seen them at zoos, and would squeal with delight if I saw one around here. Lucky you!
beth said…
oh no....blind for sure....well, or something. i know something's not right as that eye is sad....and kind of creepy. now i feel bad for her/him.....

i love owls and am so happy you could share this one with us :)

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