A Day Late

I missed Random 5 yesterday so I will be random today with a few thoughts.

This guy was noticed for having the longest beak on the beach.   Crazy, huh?

My friend/horse trainer has a new barn cat named Tucker.   He is really cute and has the coolest eyes.   They look like the marbles called Cat Eye.   I could take tons of photos of this little guy if he would sit still long enough.

A Facebook friend of mine had a sudden death in her family this week.   It was her husband's brother's wife (common law or legal, I'm not sure).   They went to North Carolina for services and to help the brother whose name is Chuck.   Apparently the house was not in Chuck's name, there was no will, and legally Chuck has no claim on the house.   It's a very very sad situation.   And so, friends, I just want to encourage everyone to write a will.   Put your legal affairs in writing.   Just do it because you never know.   Seriously, do it now.

I think our neighbor's Black Angus are pretty and it's nice to have a few of them just over the fence.   Despite their pretty features, it's so hard to take photos of them because they are always covered in flies and other stuff that draws the flies.   It would take a lot of cloning to clean them up.

I have worn out my Boggs in less than a year.   This photo is when they were new.   I now have a large tear/hole in each boot.   I wear them year round, almost every time I go outside to take care of animals or walk on the property.   My last pair of muck-type boots lasted a lot longer than these.   Pretty is as pretty does, I guess.   Boggs are great boots, I'm just not sure they stand up to my 365-day use.   

So that was pretty random, I guess.   I hope you all have a nice weekend!!


Great shot of the bird, I had one here years ago out in the pasture guess it was looking for bugs, never did figure out what kind of bird it was.
HI That'guy' bird is a 'gal'. The feamles have the longest beaks. Love the kitty shot. Good advise about the will.
Lynn said…
Your photo of Mr Angus is lovely, flies and all. I've never heard of Bogg that is what happens when one moves off the continent! They are pretty! I love the bird and that is some sized beak! And Tucker has a twin in our Sami!
TexWisGirl said…
i always feel for the cattle and horses that get inundated with flies. sweet kitty!
So sad about your friend's loss. Yes, a legal Will is important to have done and kept in a safe place because life can be so fleeting, in a heartbeat anyone can be gone.
his_girl_friday said…
Sorry to hear about your friends, but love that kitty picture!
Lynne said…
Nice to see the pics to along with the random . . .

Sudden death is in an of itself tragic to go through . . . having ones life in some order,(will) at least helps the logistics of it all . . . so sad for your friends . . .
CountryDew said…
Cows are hard to photograph. I just live with the flies and poo when I take photos of ours. I haven't any way to pretty the animals up.
Michelle said…
That is a crazy long beak!
Daryl said…
love those boots ... all your photos are super but that cat .. its eyes are amazing
Cloudia said…
I love your friends

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
><}}(°> <3
Nancy said…
Love the randomness -- and the bill on that bird is pretty amazing.

I have found that male black cats are particularly endearing and friendly.

Poor boots! Hope you have fun picking out a new pair. :)

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