Cambria With a Friend

I have followed Suzanne at for quite a while.   Her photography is inspiring to me because much of it captures the beauty of the California Coast.   And she continues to push herself, pursuing her passion, against the odds of physical challenges after a car accident.   Besides that?   She's a very nice person who is incredibly easy to get to know.    I know this because yesterday we met up in Cambria to walk and shoot photos....and talk.   There just wasn't enough time or sunshine.   Since I'd just been there a couple weeks ago in the fog, I didn't take many photos.   But I know Suzanne did and they will be amazing.   We did enjoy these two and now I want to drive to the elephant seal beach a little north and closer to San Simeon.   And I want a 400mm lens.   Ha!   No, that won't happen so hopefully they will be a little closer to capture more of their detail.    

Have a great Thursday!


Tabor said…
Seal ballet???
Sounds like you had a great time!
What an exceptionally fun day you must have had with Suzanne. Love this shot even if the fog was messing with you. 400mm... yikes.. LOL We can always dream, right?
Rebecca said…
They look like they are doing synchronized swimming!
Lynne said…
Great pic and happy for you and your fun day!
Willow said…
Sounds like a beautiful walk even in the fog.
This photo definitely had me smiling, wonderful !!
shirley said…
Sounds like a wonderful time - and thank you for introducing me to Suzanne!
Yeah, a 400mm lens would be so dreamy to have.
Rain said…
There's not a better day then meeting a fellow blogger! Just happened to me too! Wonderful photo!!

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