Peace, Interrupted

Someone in our neighborhood is shooting off a gun EVERY SINGLE DAY.   They start up late afternoon and it goes on for at least an hour, sometimes more.   We live in the county and they are free to shoot on their property.   Is it target practice or are they shooting ground squirrels every day?   I don't know.   What I do know, is that my dogs are having an awful time with it.   Especially Zoey.   She has never done well around loud noises, especially guns.   She gets nervous, hides in the house, pants, won't eat her dinner, and would crawl up into my lap if I'd let her.   I sit outside with them, pet them, stay calm, reassure them that it's okay, but none of that really matters.   Last evening the shooting stopped and they both finally relaxed enough to fall asleep while I sat outside with them.   Fifteen minutes later....Bang Bang!!   Back into the house they went.   Ugh.

So what else is going on?   My tomato plants didn't do very well this year.   It was the first year I've planted tomatoes and we had them in pots in a full sun location.   I got a couple dozen which were all from one plant.   The other plant flowered a lot but never produced fruit.   *shrugs*    Anyway, the tomatoes were absolutely delicious and I wish I could have them all year long.   Seriously, so delicious.    Next year we will change things a little because I think our hot wind may have taken a toll on the plants.   

Do you plant a Fall/Winter garden?   I know, if you live in a cold climate you aren't able to do that.   We can plant some things here in California but I'm not sure it's anything I will enjoy that much.   Still, I do enjoy growing some food and I see why people get hooked on eating what they've grown.   The only thing we have left are the Asian Pears.   They are beginning to ripen and I'm eating one every day.   The tree is still very young so the fruit is small, but pretty tasty.   

It's still cooler with morning fog.   The days have been so enjoyable that it makes me feel like I should be outside all the time.   The dogs would like that.  If only I could stop the neighbor, whoever they are, from shooting the gun.   Zach says, "Mama, please make it stop."

The dog days of Summer?   I don't know about that.


Oh that must be so annoying and very up setting for the dogs. Lovely to see that tomato and I am sure they do taste delicious.
Comfypjs said…
In my neighborhood, although they are illegal, the neighbors, whoever they are shoot off firecrackers. My cat hides in the closet. They go off all hours of the day and night sometimes. Irritating to say the least.
My coworker gave me an Asian pear once and it was delicious. The next time she brought one she purchased at a different place and I broke out in hives so bad my skin looked like a relief map. I haven't had one since.
TexWisGirl said…
sweet pooch!

we have some neighbors that will do 'target practice' now and then. with semi-auto weapons, too. sounds like we live next door to the militia some days...
So sorry about the guns--We have a neighbor that does it as well, but thankfully it's only about once a week. I hope they get tired of shooting very soon, or run out of ammo!!

My 2 tomatoes did well this year--It's the first time in many years!

Enjoy your Thursday, and I hope things quiet down!
Ya, we have a prescription pill for Izzy for fireworks season. She simply could not calm herself down and the vet said for her to go on and on with the panting and stressing was not good for her blood pressure. I've only given it to her two or three times and just keep it on hand for the really bad times. Poor pups. The photo says it all. Sad baby. :(

We may try to grow some lettuce this fall but nothing else on our garden plans until next summer.

Lynn said…
How awful, Zach looks distressed even sad but handsome as all get out. We don't do well with growing so we support our local producers with their fine homegrown no pesticide produce. Wish we could though.
simply bev said…
What a cute pup! I sure hope something gets worked out with the gun situation. It has to be nerve wracking!
Lynne said…
Poor Zoey . . . not fun to be frightened! That face is the best! Zoey is welcomed to snuggle in my lap!
Oh those poor dogs. I can just imagine how unsettling it is for them. And frustrating for you!

I love that photo of your dog. What a cutie!
Madge Bloom said…
What a sweet puppy face! We have neighbors who shoot firearms off fairly often, but by the time one calls the cops, they're done...
How awful about the gun shots. Quite unnerving I would think. We live in a cold climate and we do plant a fall/winter garden. We have to use cold frames or tunnels and are limited on what we can plant but we can get a few things to grow. :) Sweet, sweet pup.
Awwww, what a cute face. I wonder if the Thunder Shirts would work to calm them down. Supposed to work for storms, might look into those, might be costly but if it keeps the dogs calm it might be worth it. Try Pets Mart for info.

Can't wait til Sept 1st. I have a neighbor that is into dove hunting. This year is a bumper crop for doves, I have them everywhere, even a nest in the tree where I park my truck. Maybe I should go buy 50 pounds of bird seed and put it in the pasture and lure the doves here to saftey on opening day. Can't imagine there is much meat left to eat after they have been blasted with buckshot.
Nancy said…
Our tomatoes did zilch this year -- not one! What the geese didn't sneek from the vines just sits there -- green. What the heck?

... and living in the sticks does have some drawbacks. Part of the lifestyle. Hope your neighbor runs out of ammo soon. Annoying.

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