Random 5

1.   After taking Suzanne to our beautiful coast and finding heavy fog, I drove back yesterday on my way home from SLO.   Well, it's not a direct route back home, but it seemed like the best route if I wanted to take more photos.   And I found the most glorious day in Morro Bay.   Of course!   This is a photo I took with my phone so I could post it directly to Facebook.   I don't know when I've ever seen the water so clear.

2.   Look hoooooo's back this morning and isn't leaving our fence.   I wish he'd go home, wherever that may be.   I don't know if he's old and sick or just sitting there digesting another skunk, but he's completely unconcerned about me, the dog, the donkeys, or the daylight.   

3.   I am obsessed with looking ahead in the weather forecast to see when Autumn is coming for real.   We have a couple more weeks of 90-100 degrees, although the mornings are pretty nice.   October's just around the corner and we'll see 70's again.

4.   When I was young, we would go to our Hometown Cafe and have nickel cherry Coke and barbecue potato chips.   Yesterday, while driving back from Morro Bay, I stopped at the avocado farm to buy a few avocados.   They had barbecue chips which were made with Avocado Oil.   I bought some.   I have no idea when I last purchased any kind of chips.   It ended up being my lunch in the truck on the way home.   I also had an apple, if that makes it any healthier.

5.   Seriously, I want that owl to leave because the chickens are not leaving their yard until he does.

Have a nice Friday and wonderful Labor Day weekend!

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Rebecca said…
Gorgeous photo! I wonder if plastic owls scare away real owls. Or maybe he will decide it is a girlfriend.
Magnificent shot of Morro Bay and also of the owl. Too bad he is causing your chickens problems because he is rather cool.
TexWisGirl said…
the first photo is gorgeous! the owl looks quite huge! yes, the chickens should be, well, chicken!
Terri said…
Lovely shot of the bay. Don't know what to tell you about the owl..it seems strange for him to be sitting there so nonchalantly, unless this is a good ways away from human activity. We don't eat chips anymore either, but I think about Doritos every now and then...my favorite.
Nancy said…
The apple definitely canceled out the chips. Scientific fact.
Michelle said…
Strange about the owl! They are cool, but seems odd here is hanging around.....
Really great photos! I love the owl, and I can only imagine how unsettling it is to have him around--I hope he finds contentment somewhere else before your chickens get a real complex! :-)

Enjoy your weekend!!
Tabor said…
great photo from a phone. I have not mastered that from mine at all. Love the owl and wish you could send him this way. He is waiting for a chicken to make a mistake.
Comfypjs said…
Love the Morro Bay photo and the one of the owl is very cool but I totally understand why you don't want the chickens to become it's lunch or dinner.
That photo is beautiful! I love how blue the water is. And the sky, too!

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