A Trip to Montana

I moved from Arizona to California in 1990 and soon after, became bestest friends with Jacque.   We were together all the time and shared everything with one another.   She was born and raised in Montana, part of a cattle ranching family.   They were very close and she visited them a couple times a year.   I went along a few times and loved the experience of being on the ranch.   In the summers, around the 4th of July, they moved the cattle up to the higher ground for the rest of the season.   I was able to ride along one year and have always remembered the experience.   Of course, it also involved my passion for riding horses.   

The family had built a cabin at the end of the trail which was also accessible by a road down to the ranch.   Jacque's mom and others prepared a meal for all the riders which they brought up to the cabin.   I don't remember everything we ate, but I do recall a peach cobbler for dessert.   

I guess I didn't own a cowboy hat at the time, but Jacque said I was a good enough cowgirl that I didn't really need the hat.

As I look back at these photos now, the only thing that would have made the experience better would have been an iPhone with video to capture the sights and sounds and voices in greater detail.   Still, it's good to have a few photos to remind me of something that was a very fun time in my life.

Cowgirl up, my friends.   Have a good Thursday.


Willow said…
Denise what a wonderful experience . We share a love for the great outdoors and horses ! I surely would have cherished that experience forever, and I have always wanted to visit Montana. I was a horseback trail guide in Colorado in my younger years. Thanks for sharing.
linda eller said…
Beautiful scenery and great memories.
Do they still own the ranch?
Tabor said…
Lucky you to have such a good experience.
ladyfi said…
What an amazing experience!
Karen said…
oooh, how spectacular, those views. And to ride ahorse in that big sky country.

Quarter horses, my hearts desire :-)

What wonderful scenes and horses.not to mention the memories you have.
Nancy said…
The experience obviously had a positive impact on you Denise. Love the photo of you. :)
Lynne said…
Loved your great memories post! Like your Cowgirl pictures!
Hello Denise,
a great experience that you had.
Those memories always stay with us.
My grandson spent his summer on a very big ranch in Montana, with the cowboys. He is a good horseman.. He really enjoyed it and will be going back next summer.
I wondered if you still see your friend!
happy weekend
Rain said…
Incredible experience!!
Great photos!
Rain :)
Rebecca said…
When I was a teenager I used to ride in the Sierras with horses and pack horses. Don't want to be a teenager again, but I remember those day fondly.
Daryl said…
super memories and awesome photos .. i love the wide open space

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