Lightroom and Split Tone

This is a photo I took yesterday on the beach at Cambria.   This is completely unedited.

Our walk started out in the fog, as can often be the case at the Coast.   I am enjoying taking the fog photos but sometimes they look a little flat to me.    I might mention, you can easily see the spots I've mentioned before.   These are taking a while to clone and they are starting to get on my nerves.   I think we've found a place to take my camera where I won't have to ship.

Since I've been shooting again in RAW these past few weeks, it opens up my options in Lightroom to make adjustments.   And for someone like me, that just means more fun!   You don't need to shoot in RAW to take advantage of most of the LR features.   One of the things I've started using is the Split Tone editing.   This photo shows an example of how to more selectively change the color tones in a photo.   This one in particular....and I'm still working on more pleasing to my eye if it's not so yellow throughout the entire photo.   Changing the Hue and Saturation in the areas of highlight and shadow also helps show more detail in some areas.  In this case, I want more detail in the rocks to show how they really look when you're standing there.  

I'm going to keep playing with the tones in this photo until it looks more like I remember.   It's all a matter of personal preference.   And if it's your photo, you can do whatever you want, right?   It doesn't really matter if anyone/everyone else likes it.   If you have Lightroom, try this feature and see if you like it.   You can always hit the Delete, right?

Enjoy your Saturday!


Tabor said…
I need to learn to shoot in raw using LR. I have it and usually use another software. Lovely photo, thought.
Yes I see what you are doing and certainly it has improved the shot.
CountryDew said…
Looking good! Good luck with the camera cleaning - that can be a real bother.
retriever said…
Dream fotos, greting from Belgium, Have a nice sunday


Nancy said…
You and I are on the same wavelength girlie! Love what you did with this image -- more detail and pop in the second. xo
I also like what you did with the photo, and am going to have to try it for my next foggy photos, because mine always look 'flat' as well.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend!
Comfypjs said…
Not only do I love what you did in Lightroom with the fog photo but your header photo is absolutely wonderful! What a great capture! Like he/she posed for you.
Bibi said…
I love what you've done. I have Lightroom, but use Photoshop most of the time.

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