Welcome September

She's not perfect but that just adds to her beauty.

Thanks everyone for the nice comments about our owl.   He was not well, and appeared to be quite old.   The wildlife center told me yesterday that he didn't make it through the night.   And that's okay, I'm just glad he was in a safe place and there were people to care so much about one single owl in the world.   Most of you don't live in California, but supporting an organization like this means a lot.   If there is one in you area, please consider it.   The Pacific Wildlife Organization even has a wish list on Amazon!   How cool is that?   

We are the keepers of the animals here on our planet, the birds and bees and owls and dogs and cats and horses and all the others.   Let's try to do our part in hopes that they all have a fighting chance.   


linda eller said…
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Yes, we should all do our part in this world. You certainly did. I love all these organizations that put so much effort into caring for all these animals.
Willow said…
I so agree We can make such a difference . Nature is the greatest show on Earth.
TexWisGirl said…
sorry about the owl.
Tabor said…
We have several places that take in wounded and sick wildlife and we also have a number of parks that provide education for those who do not know how to help.
Mary said…
I'm so sorry your owl didn't make it. But i hope he felt that he was surrounded by love and care when he breathed his last. Nature is magnificent and i wish more people felt as i know you do and i do, (and i know there are many who do, we just don't seem to hear enough about them,) that we humans are only a part of the world, and we are all connected! Hugs from Oregon!
Hey! Thank you for your loving and kind comments. I do feel as though my life has done a 180.

As usual, you have published a beautiful and thought provoking post, and I am sorry about the old guy.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of your posts now that I have half a brain!
HI Denise Yes we are responsible for the care of animals. Love the butterfly in all its imperfections
Hartwood Roses said…
What you did for the owl made a difference in his life, though that life was brief after your encounter. Such a kind person you are!
I'm sorry about the owl, but am glad that you were there to keep it safe from those darn crows and Magpies. We have a wildlife center here too, and they do some amazing things, and I'm grateful they are there at times like this when kindness and compassion are needed.
Lynne said…
Sorry the owl didn't make but your intention was inspiring. I agree with what you said. It is up to us to bring the support.
Hooray for September! I'm so sorry to read about the owl.
sophie...^5 said…
Yes I agree Denise ~~ the the birds and animals a fighting chance at peace!

thanks for dropping by. I googled Morro Beach now I know the area .

Comfypjs said…
Very sorry to hear about the owl, however; just imagine what would have happened to him had you not rescued it from those other birds who were abusing it. I am so happy to hear there are people like you and the Wildlife Organization!
Rebecca said…
I have rescued baby bunnies from our dog. I know they probably won't make it, but I figure they would rather die in a quiet box than being consumed by a vicious predator!

Good for you with the owl!
Daryl said…
you did a mitzvah

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