Random 5 Friday

1.    I went to Target yesterday.   I have been buying Merona bootcut jeans for the past few years.   They no longer have them in the store.   What they have instead is a new brand made by Levi's.   As is often the case with Levi's, they don't come in Long.   I need Long.   I have a very long inseam.   And I need stretchy.   Tight skinny jeans don't work for me.  Now what?   Guess I'll check online.

2.    One of our neighbors stopped by a few days ago.   There is finally discussion about how to get our road work planned.   Turns out, the newest neighbor at the end of the road has the equipment and sometimes has access to overages at road jobs.   None of us wants to spend thousands and thousands of dollars, so this would be great if it can be accomplished.

3.    It's been nice having a bird feeder hanging in the tree for the first time.   I was hoping to attract finches with the Niger seed.   But here's what I see most of the time.   The sparrows sit on the feeder, spill seeds on the ground, the chickens wait below and eat the falling seeds.   Turns out, even though the chickens could give a rat's a$$ about sharing their chicken feed, they aren't too keen on sharing the wild bird seed.

4.    I am still riding Beau about 5 times a week.   And I am making progress.   With this gorgeous Fall weather, it makes for wonderful mornings.   And tighter muscles.

5.    I recently got one of Kelly Moore's photography handbags.   My sister helped me with the purchase as a birthday gift to me.   Thanks again, Sis!   I have the Two Sues in Indigo.   It's a very pretty color and I can fit my Nikon D7000 inside with the 28-300mm lens.   Pretty cool.   I've looked at these bags for a long time and never wanted to spend the money.   Now I have one and I'm happy about that.

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Buttons said…
Your photos are amazing and a nice camera bag oh I would love one of those kind myself good for you. Good luck on the roadwork we own a backhoe and yes it is nice if you can get someone like a neighbour to save costs by using their skills. B
A Quiet Corner said…
LOL! I just bought a great bag at TJ Maxx on the clearance that suits my larger Cannon fine too! I hate it when something we've been buying for years is suddenly taken off the market...check via Amazon for your jeans...:)JP
Willow said…
Loving the cloud formations in that photo.
Donkey tongue ~ too funny !!
Glad you are getting in the riding time.
Karen said…
Beautiful cloud formations, and a very slurpy tongue! I just hate it when the stores discontinue carrying one of my favourite brands!
TexWisGirl said…
hope you can find a new 'supplier' for your jeans. :)
Rebecca said…
What a nice sister you have. Maybe she can help you find the pants. I hate it when I find a style I like and that fits me and they quit making it. Or the lipstick color I like.
C-ingspots said…
Very cool about the new camera bag! Maybe you could post a picture of it.
Don't you hate it when you find something you like, and they stop making them? Ack!! That always happens, especially with jeans and bras...what's the deal? Road work is very expensive, hoping you get the details worked out and get it done. That would be great! Beautiful sky shots - love clouds!!
Oh, I'm totally jealous about you getting to ride 5x a week!!
Terri Buster said…
Lovely shots- and cool beans on the camera bag..I am still looking for one to fit my Sony. I don't like the one that is made for it. Have a great weekend!
Mary Ann said…
Beautiful shots... and Penney's dropped Cabin Creek, the only slacks I could buy off the rack that FIT so I know your pain.
What? No photo of the bag? I wanted to see it... boo hoo.
Yes, wanted to see the bag, you've piqued my interest. Love the photography, very nice. visiting via a rural journal.
hula-la said…
Great post! Let's see the awesomely cool bag for the awesomely cool cam. Aloha
Your sis is so generous and sweet.

My chickens do the same thing here and the sparrows are rooting through the millet mix, tossing out lots of stuff they don't like to waiting beaks below. Pretty expensive chicken feed when you do the math, which I don't. :)
I'm right there with you on the jeans! I have been buying Eddie Bauer jeans for the last few years because they have tall--I hate 'em when they're too short, I feel like a kid again when they are! :-)

I glad you're getting to ride Beau, and I hope you're having some fun this weekend!
CountryDew said…
That is an interesting picture of the tongue there at #3!
Daryl said…
have you tried the Gap? not expensive and lots of lengths
beth said…
a friend of mine has 6 kelly moore bags....a bit over the top, but she's a camera anything whore.....LOL

anyhow, i never use a decorative bag, always my black camera back pack....it carries everything even if i only grab my camera with one lens, i know everything else is in the car...in my bag.

looking at new lenses...and thinking the 85mm is what i really need :)

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