Random 5 Friday

1.   The sparrows are eating me out of house and home.   And now the scrub jays are here.   I'm not sure I want to afford all the bird seed so I may have to let them continue to eat the chicken feed.   Of course that's also expensive if you're feeding hundreds of sparrows.   Flying mice, I tell ya.

2.    I rarely eat popcorn anymore.   Yesterday I had a hankerin' for Kettle Corn when I was at Trader Joe's.   I bought a bag and had some for a snack last night while watching TV.   It was good.   Now I think I'm satisfied for a while.

3.    I've been meaning to show you my new glasses after mentioning a few weeks ago that I was getting some.   I took some photos with PhotoBooth on my Mac.   Fail.   What is it with the monster flash they throw up in your face?   I'll try again.

4.    This is my new favorite photo of our Zoey.   She is so pretty and it's often difficult to capture her standing still.   Absolutely still.   Herding breeds are always looking for their next task.   Busy busy.

5.    I'm still spending time on FamilySearch.org, although I'm definitely pacing myself.   I'm pretty sure I will get bored with it because I have no idea what to do with the information other than say, hmmmm...how interesting.    I've found that they have no information about my grandfather's family in Germany.   I have no idea why.   Birth, marriage and baptism records generally come from the churches, and I know the church where his parents were married and buried is still standing.   Curious.

Speaking of trees...  I am having fun with this photo.

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Click on help.. you can turn that nasty flash off... Nice specs!!
P.S. You look VERY pretty by the way... xox
Mary Hill said…
So pretty. I love, love border Collies. I need to complete a series of photos on my dog, but he doesn't want to cooperate.

Mary-andering Creatively

Mary-andering Among the Pages
TexWisGirl said…
zoey is a beauty. :) love your 'flying mice' photo, too. soon the blackbirds and grackles will hit here - and stay for the winter. *sigh*
shirley said…
How could that cute bird be so troublesome? It is a wonderful capture. Zoey is a beauty!
HI You look good in those glasses. Love your dog,so cute. don't stop feeding the birds especially if it is cold.
hula-la said…
Love that last tree shot! Aloha
Tabor said…
I have to get new glasses...but I am so afraid of having to go out and look!!
Willow said…
I know I have to pace the bird feeding till it's really cold.
Zoey is beautiful !
A Quiet Corner said…
I just got new glasses as well..we picked the same style!...:)JP
I love 'your 5' and those glasses look great on you! I also know what you mean about the birds, but I so enjoy having them around.
Lynne said…
Like your glasses . . . Handsome dog! Love the Halloweenish picture . . .
Sarah Carletti said…
Yes, I remember my collie being busy, busy! Great shot and beautiful dog!
Rose said…
Love the tree and the pic of Zoey...I must have herding cats because I can never catch them being still either. But we call ourselves the cat herders.

I love popcorn...sometimes we will eat it five nights out of the week...then maybe go for a month and not have any.

And flying mice will now be one of my favorite terms...it so fits!
CountryDew said…
Will have to check on that genealogy website.
Nancy Claeys said…
I keep seeing bloggers with new glasses -- so I'm going to make my long overdue eye exam for this week.
Love your new ones!

All I have is sparrows too. :(
augcott said…
I'm like you when it comes to popcorn ... love it but don't eat it often. I'm okay with that.
Zoey is so dang adorable!!!
Love your new specs!!!!
Daryl said…
what a great smile!!!!!!

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