While Stuck at Home

I could wash windows while I'm at home waiting for the farrier.

I could clean the bathroom(s).

Or I could take one photo and see what I can create.

I choose photo editing.


Tabor said…
I tend to spend too much time at the PC or laptop instead of cleaning house and yard!!
Madge Bloom said…
That's what I call a non-choice, photography always wins.. well, almost always I do have to cook and clean ONCE in a while... love that last edit most.
HI Denise. Now I would have liked to know what shot you started with so I then could see how you had changed it. Well I like no 3 best. More depth and contract and more natural.
Rebecca said…
I love the many moods from one photo. Great job!
Cloudia said…
Such a lovely 'stuck'

Aloha, quail fans :-)
Daryl said…
i love the 3rd one
Lynne said…
I like them all although second one down is my final pic!
Hey Tabor.... my housekeeping suffers as well... it just is what it is.

Great photo editing, Sis!
Comfypjs said…
I so wish I could sit next to you to watch and learn how you make this magic with your photos. These are gorgeous!

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