And So November Arrives

I'm not sure what happened to October.   It was gone in the blink of an eye.   I took advantage of the last day and drove up the coast a little farther to take photos.   It's a rather gnarly drive so I made it to a little place called Gorda before I turned around.   A narrow 2-lane highway, straight up on one side, straight down on the other, driving 20-30 mph with countless hairpin turns.   No thanks.   But gorgeous?   Oh my, yes!

I will share more photos soon but I am running on low energy this morning.   I ended the day in Cambria with the setting sun.   


Comfypjs said…
Wow that is gorgeous!
Nancy Claeys said…
Sounds like a fun and productive trip Denise -- beautiful sunset.
Tabor said…
Great way to end October and begin November.
A Lady's Life said…
Breath taking. It's like watching the last glowing ember die in a fire place. Feels so final and yet the next morning a new dawn breaks and its just a wonderful.
Very pretty sunset! I am with you, where did October go? It seems as we get older time gets shorter.

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I like all your beautiful pictures!!


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