Hazy Dayz

I haven't done a blog post in a few days and haven't taken any photos in a while.   *gasp*   We have had a very thick haze of particulates in the air due to fireplaces and no wind to blow the junk out of here.   This is what the air looks like mid-day when I'm driving home from the barn.   See the hills in the distance?   No?   Exactly!

We had a little bit of wind come up late afternoon and a little of the haze blew out, but then the wind stopped and everyone cranked up their fireplaces again.   It burns the eyes and makes breathing more difficult.   I'm not a fan.   Give me electric heat any day.   Rural areas like ours generally don't have "no burn" days like they do in the Bay Area and other cities.   Too many people rely on their fireplaces and wood burning stoves for heat.   

It makes for pretty sunsets, but that's about it, IMHO.

It's warmed up enough in the daytime to enjoy some time at the barn with Beau.   Today is supposed to reach 77 degrees.   Crazy weather.

Beau has some new polo wraps to add some spice to his life.   I thought it would be fun to add these to his wardrobe of basic solid colors.

I made a double batch of fudge yesterday and that's all I'm baking for the holidays.   We just don't need all that yummy stuff in the house.   I must admit, however, that I've kind of been thinking about making cinnamon rolls over Christmas.   Doesn't that sound good?   I haven't made them since I was living at home in my parents' house.   I used to enjoy baking and trying new things when I was young.   Now I can't afford the calories and I have zero will power.

And on the subject of food, it's just the two of us for Christmas and I haven't decided what to do for dinner.   I'm thinking of brunch or a full dinner at a restaurant but I'm probably too late to get reservations.   Maybe I'll put that on my "to do" list for the day, figuring out if we can get reservations somewhere nice.   I'm really not interested in cooking a turkey or a ham or a beef roast.   What to do, what to do.   Aren't we fortunate to have those choices?   

Enjoy your day and your week.   I hope you're not stressing about the holidays as it's just not worth it.   It's a day, a week, a meal, just try to enjoy it.   Okay?   Cheers.


linda eller said…
We have a traditional family breakfast with everyone on the Sat. after Christmas. This way the kids can stay home with their kids and we extend the holiday that way! Fudge sounds great and cinnamon rolls even better.
TexWisGirl said…
cool polka-dots. :) enjoy your holidays.
Beau is so stylin' in those dots!

We have had a wood fireplace in the past and I didn't enjoy it at all because it brought so much dirt into the house from the firewood and it burned my eyes, nose and throat immensely. Here and at our last home we have had gas fireplaces and what a difference it makes! We are discussing having a ham for Christmas this year. We have never gone out to eat for any holiday. That's a thought for when we are simply too old to cook anymore. xox
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Missy George said…
Sexy wraps Beau !! Did you get any fudge?? One day at a time for sure..Merry Christmas, Denise
Tabor said…
Polo wraps is something new to me, but those are lovely. He now can prance around like a dandy. You are wise in that the wonder of the season is when you have so many choices. Then you know that your life is rich and good.
Lin said…
Them is some snappy leg warmers on your horse! ;)

How about a turkey breast in the oven--or a roast? Something that you can toss in one pot...you know, to make it easy. That way you aren't having to go out on the holiday.

Lynne said…
Love those polka dots! Stylin' for sure . . .
You are so right . . . just a day . . . make it easy and fun!
Daryl said…
very chic .... glad at least the sunset was pretty

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