Friday, December 20, 2013

Random 5 Friday

Yay, Nancy's back!!!

Okay, so what's random that I want to share today?   

1.    Toby, my rooster, is still vibrant and taking good care of the flock.   These days, he's not quite so interested in sharing food/treats as he used to be.   Maybe his mojo has shifted from his private parts to his crop?   As he approaches 5 years, I know that I am going to miss him one day.   I never imagined I would like having a rooster around but he adds a lot to our little ranch.

2.    I found this photo yesterday as I was going through boxes stored in the back of the closet.   When I was younger, I loved riding on the back of a motorcycle.   I had a b/f with a beautiful bike and we went lots of places on that bike.   We took a 2000 mile trip one summer from Arizona up through California and back.   This photo is from another trip, as you can see it's not summer.
I wasn't really that red but the color in the photo is a bit altered over the years.

3.     The Big Sur wildfire was burning this week, sadly destroying homes in its path.   While it's about 100 miles from us, the winds shifted and our air was badly polluted with smoke.  It made for pretty skies and lots of pinks in our sunset.   Fortunately it rained just a tiny bit yesterday and the skies cleared.

4.     Yesterday brought us cooler temps, blue skies and pretty clouds.   After a little time visiting Beau at the barn (no riding), I drove west and stopped at a cute little place that sells honey and cider and other things that they make themselves.   They also have some sweet Christmas tea towels and candles and things like that.   The front of their property is filled with rusted farm equipment from years past.   And they have a windmill.   Who doesn't love a windmill against a clear blue sky?   And they have fudge....gah!   I wasn't in the mood for chocolate fudge since I have already eaten enough of the batch I made and have since put in the freezer to avoid taking those harmless little slices.   Right.  But they had a pumpkin fudge with walnuts and so I brought home a teeny bit of that.   

5.     And a random farm photo of Gunny and Hannah because I can't think of anything else :-)

Happily sharing with Nancy


Willow said...

Great random sharing .
Love that photo of you by the cycle in the snow what a trooper you were !
great photo of the Livery Stable.
Pumpkin fudge with walnuts , oh my I am now craving it for sure ... wonder if they have it anywhere out here in our neck of the woods ?

Lori Skoog said...

My first visit. Love learning more about all of you who participate in Random 5. I'll be back!

TexWisGirl said...

sweet rooster boy. :) i'm sorry about the fire and smoke.

Nancy Claeys said...

I did a 3,000 round trip from Neb to Wash DC when I was in my late 30s on the back of a bike -- in 4 days. Still think that's why my back is so screwed up now. But hey, it was a blast. :) Thanks for joining in this week Denise -- Happy Holidays to you and Eric. so

linda eller said...

Really neat pictures today; never been on a motorcycle, but know it has to be fun. Hope your rooster gives you many more happy years with him.

Daryl said...

i always envied my adventurous friends ... i didn't go to Woodstock i didnt even know it was happening til a friend who went came home with all sorts of amazing stories .. my parents were not the sort who encouraged adventures ... poor me .. love that rooster shot, he is SO colorful

Margaret Adamson said...

Hi Love your rooster and your bike. sunset is gorgeous. I wIsh your and your family a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS. Won't be posting or commenting as much during the festive period.

Buttons said...

Oh he is a handsome fella strutting his stuff:)
That must have been an unforgettable journey on that bike.
Love your photos and hope the fires are gone soon.

Anonymous said...

We will all miss Toby when his big cockadoodledoo goes up to the big sky. That fudge you bought sounds REALLY yummy!

CountryDew said...

Happy Holidays to you; I hope you have a wonderful 2014.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I hope you-all will have a very happy, happy, happy New Year!

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