Almost Wordless Wednesday

I can't put up a post without a few words, can you?   

Last week's surf was nothing short of amazing.   We had 20 foot waves in our area, crashing over the jetty, breaking so hard that they were cracking.   People were standing with cameras and cell phones against the wall of the rock in Morro Bay, watching in awe.   

Others found a comfortable place to sit.

It's massage day....thankfully.   Have a great Wednesday.


Lin said…
Beautiful. Those photos almost look like paintings!

I call my Wednesday posts: Semi-wordless Wednesday because I'm never "wordless." Ever.
Lynne said…
You treat me with such gorgeous views of sea, waves, sky! So intoxicating!
Nancy Claeys said…
I think I saw something about these waves on the Weather Channel. Awesome!
R. Mac Wheeler said…

Where does the line queue up?
Love when the ocean is so active and the water and waves a bit violent.
Karen said…
I love these images.. the ocean is so powerful and beautiful, and you capture both perfectly.

Oh those colors in the waves - i just want to surround myself with those colors THEY ARE GORGEOUS!

and massage wednesday? it doesnt interfere with spa day friday, does it? ;P

Missy George said…
Beautiful pictures Denise..They don't require words but it's always good to hear from you..I have massage Thursdays..great aren't they??
Michelle said…
Awesome waves and such a sweet last photo.
CountryDew said…
Beautiful shots. You can almost hear the thunderous crash of the surf.
Beautiful shots of the waves crashing- I can almost hear it.
"Autumn Sky Ranch" has been included in the Sites To See for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.

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