January 3rd Skies

It began with another dramatic sunrise and ended with a sunset that was enhanced by jets leaving behind their trails of color.

In between was a busy day with some amount of stress over a very sick chicken.   I balanced that with some time at my friend's house checking on the progress of her major barn and riding arena changes.   We can't do anything to create the sunrise or sunset, but hopefully can make the best of those hours between.   

What's planned for today?   Besides the coffee sitting on my desk, I have absolutely no idea.   And those can make for the best days.   Enjoy your Saturday.


Anonymous said…
S cold here. The pups have not been walked in 2 days and are antsy and making us crazy. No plans other than staying warm.
Willow said…
Your so right !
Gorgeous sky shots.
Enjoy the day.
Rebecca said…
I took my mom's sick chicken to the vet when she was out of town. My dad had a fit. Said he had an ax that could cure it. Not a pet kind of guy, my dad.😳
A Quiet Corner said…
Hope your chicken isn't contagious to the others...:( JP
Karen said…

There are few vets around here that would know what to do with a chicken, truth be told most chickens don't visit vets in their lifetime. I dread the day I have to do something humane to an ailing chicken here. I hope they all die a peaceful old age death that I don't have to help along.

Beautiful skies!!..
HI Denise Hope the chicken will be OK. Both of these shots are stunning.
Missy George said…
Hope your chicken is on the mend Denise...Beautiful skies..
Lynne said…
Love those sky shots . . . so different from what we are experiencing right now!

I hope your chicken feels better!
Great photos!! I do hope the chicken feels better, and you're enjoying your Sunday!

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