He Still Rules

Toby is now five years old.   He is still large and in charge, especially in the Spring.   I have to use my voice once in a while to make him leave the girls alone.   When I'm not outside, I guess he can do whatever he wants.   He's been quite a good rooster and the only scuffles I've had with him have been in the Spring.   The problem is not that he comes at me just to be aggressive.   The problem has always been that he walks and stands too close to me, right at my side or behind me.   I have to be aware and keep a little distance with a broom or rake because a sudden movement on my part will startle him.   That's when he has attacked me.   Only in the Spring.   And only once or twice.   And that's the end of it.   Hormones have a way of putting a rooster a little on edge this time of year.   Because I always wear boots and long pants, he has bruised my lower leg but never really hurt me.   I kick him back or hit him with the broom, then leave him to think about what he's done.   

No rooster is perfect but Toby is pretty awesome in my book.   

If yesterday's post was about the color brown, today's is about the color orange.   Isn't he handsome?


Mark said…
That's beautiful looking bird.
Comfypjs said…
His colors are beautiful but I am scared to death of chickens and roosters so I couldn't be outside where they are roaming freely. But those cute little donkeys you have.....they are a whole different story.
I don't mind chickens, but I think a rooster with wild hormones would totally freak me out. I would own a REALLY BIG BROOM!
Missy George said…
He's gorgeous Denise..Great pictures..
Hi Denise! Again, I'm catching up on your blog and have so enjoyed it! Your photos continue to inspire, especially the hummingbird, what a sweet photo, I hope he warmed up and had as good a day as your little donkeys did! :-) And as for Toby, he's so handsome, and I guess that his ego and confidence just goes with that! :-)!
Lovely yo see the close ups of his feathers and he is handsome. Have a great weekend.
Lovely yo see the close ups of his feathers and he is handsome. Have a great weekend.
Willow said…
He is a handsome rooster. Love his fire colored feathers. Great shots.
Rebecca said…
And that is why we tried to only get hens and bought the sexed hatchlings. They can get scary even if you know they won't really hurt you!
Tabor said…
I did not realize how territorial roosters an become! He IS gorgeous.
He is that, indeed. I had a rooster attack my daughter when she was young. Because of that..I have a healthy respect for them.
Daryl said…
a very handsome guy
He's a lovely boy -- I know we must give some room to the boys in spring and let them sow their wild oats, as it were. Our geese are uber cranky right now.

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