On A Mission

One of the side benefits of spending time at my friend's barn is that it brings me new photo opportunities.   Not the coast or breathtaking vistas, but little surprises.   She has a creek bed with lots of large trees.   And she has a barn.   Who loves a barn?   Birds, of course!   Yesterday I spotted two beautiful Bullock's Orioles flying around and fortunately had my camera in the truck.   These are the best photos I could capture of the male because he kept himself pretty well hidden in the branches.   I had to crop these down to identify his features and his name.   Another friend of mine said that these birds are pretty elusive and it's a great opportunity to see a pair.   Now I'm on a mission to capture better photos of him while he and his wife are still around.   Isn't he absolutely gorgeous?   More Spring color....you have to love it!


Wow he definitely blends in with the tree. What a bright pretty color he is sporting! I have not seen one before.
Not a bird I have ever seen... do they just live along the Calif. coastal areas??
I found this info on them.

HI Denise he certainly did not want you to photograph him however I know you will be back to get even better shots. He looks a lovely bird.
Mark said…
wow, very cool. I don't see anything like that around here.
Rebecca said…
I love that pop of yellow in the trees.
What a fun and pretty bird to see--I got excited today by just seeing the "gold" color back on the gold finches! :-)
Missy George said…
Good catch..Love the color..
Michelle said…
A great capture of this bird.
Lynne said…
How wonderful for you to see the Oriole's and to share them with us . . . Really beautiful!

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