A Busy Day

Yesterday I woke up at 5:30, had my coffee, and waited for the donkey alarm at 6:00 because with the time change and earlier light, they call me earlier than they did in October.   I let the dogs out, spent more computer time, and considered my day.   I had one thing on my schedule that was firm, otherwise the day was mine to do as I please.   How nice that felt after 5 weeks of construction and other things.

After letting the chickens out, feeding them, feeding the dogs, I waited until 8:15 when my contractor showed up to look at moving the water heater.   It's not "to code" because it isn't properly drained to the outside.   I have wanted it moved out of the new pantry room before we put in the floors.   While we waited for the plumber, we also looked at a post in the corner of the kitchen that can't be removed because it's load bearing.   There was that, as well as a couple of design issues regarding trimming out the 12" cabinets on the front of the peninsula.   

The plumber arrived and we considered possible locations for the water heater.   I had one thought about this, which I shared, but the contractor didn't really like it that much.   The other idea they went through in detail didn't appeal to me at all.   I was frowning but wasn't sure what to do.   At last, the plumber came up with the same idea I had, and was able to discuss how to finish it which brought the contractor on board.   Great minds and all that.   So I'm waiting for that bid.

The designer showed up to go through the questions I had about the kitchen.   She walked in the door and immediately saw the solution.   Really, a good designer is so worth it.   By this time it's about 10:30 and I would normally be at the barn riding and/or working a horse or two.   I let the donkeys out for the day and drove to the barn.   I didn't have time to work both horses so Cheryl rode Beau and I worked Buddy in the round pen.   Then I headed to a tack store to pick up my saddle which was there on consignment.   Bed Bath and Beyond is in the same area so in I went to look at rugs and a comforter for the second bedroom which is also where I have my desk.

Oh my gosh, linens are my passion...well, one of them anyway.   Give me rows and rows of bedding, rugs, etc. etc. and I can get lost for a long time.   I've wanted some gray (I have NEVER) in the bedroom but took forever deciding because it wouldn't match the rugs and buying new rugs is very expensive.   Back and forth, back and forth, found no rug for the master bedroom, finally decided on a gray for the second bedroom.   Guess what?   It doesn't match the rugs, but I really like it anyway.   I also found a window covering for the new door off the master bedroom.

Next?   Left Paso and headed to Atascadero.   Went to the hay store where they are having a big consignment tack sale this Saturday, dropped off my saddle to see if I can get a buyer there.   Next stop was the pharmacy for a few things.   In the meantime I had called the painter because the new siding on the east side of the house has been finished and needs painting, as well as that darned post in the kitchen and the kitchen ceiling/walls.   Oh yes, and the living room wall where they removed the closet and framed it in.   

Lunch?   Well, I went to Hush Harbor in Atascadero and they had a pancetta salad on special which I bought with their very good grilled chicken on top.   Brought that home and ate half of it after the donkeys came in and I gave them a snack.

I went on with the rest of the day and put the chickens to bed, fed the dogs, waited for the painter who wasn't able to stop by until almost 6:00.   He gave me his pricing, which was good, and after he left I called Erik and then took a shower.   A glass of wine, put the dogs to bed, watched Grey's Anatomy, and turned out the light at 9:00.   

So much for my day of nothing planned.   I think that might be today.

Oh yes, and there was a very pretty sunset.


Comfypjs said…
Makes me tired just reading all that you did!
A Quiet Corner said…
Full days make me smile too!...:)JP
can't beat a cloud-filled sunset
Michelle said…
I hope you will eventually share your new kitchen design.
Quite a full day ending with a beautiful sunset. Have a wonderful weekend.
A full and productive day -- It's a good feeling at the end of it!!
Tabor said…
I do not miss those busy days but I do miss the energy I had when going through them! My kitchen turned out OK...but missed having a REAL kitchen designer instead of an ex-marine.
Lynne said…
Busy, tiring days making interior house changes!
I liked hearing your, "thinking gray!" I just changed our bedroom linens and I was "thinking gray" as well.
Totally different, very simple look for us. Found some great ideas from Pottery Barn . . .
An Ja said…
Awesome colours on your sunset photo :)
Pepper Medley said…
Gray would be nice in your home since you get so much sunlight. Here in the East... er... not so much, and when I walk into a home where it is used, unless they have floor to ceiling windows the color gray makes me feel cold all over. No really.... we had it in the dining room of our previous home and it always felt cold in the room even on a warm day. I know that gray is the 'IT' color of the decade and I'm sure you will make it work in your room.. xox

Missy George said…
Sounds like a nice day..A little bit of everything..Beautiful sunset..
shirley said…
Busy days certainly make the time pass quickly, right? And things are progressing... I love the sunset.
Levi Eslinger said…
Great minds think alike! I guess the reason your contractor didn’t agree was that he couldn't picture it with all of the fittings and such. It's a good thing the plumber refined your suggestion and made it work. Either way, with plans already laid out, there should no longer be any further problems in the installation of your heater. Good luck!

Levi Eslinger @ Capital Plumbing

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