Green is the New Brown

The California slogan has changed for now.   Hopefully for a long while because everyone was over the "Brown is the New Green" signs to remind us to conserve water.   We still need to conserve because the drought isn't over, but just for a little while, please let us enjoy our green.   This is my favorite vista on Highway 46 between Paso Robles and Highway 1.   All dressed up in green for the holidays.   

Have a great weekend.


So happy for your breath of green. Yeah.
Lynne said…
Oh my . . . Love the header photo and over an Irish moon for the other one. It looks like Ireland!
What a really beautiful photo! I've been thinking of you with California on the news so much with the flooding. I know it has still left you with a deficit, and despite the terrible flooding, I've no doubt many are grateful for it.
Missy George said…
Gorgeous picture Denise..Beautiful
Tabor said…
Oh, wow or wow!!! Simple lovely.
Comfypjs said…
I was just telling my coworker that I need to drive south so I can see the green hills at that very spot on Highway 46. I haven't been there for a long while because I just can't bring myself to see it all brown.
Daryl said…
i would love to send all the rain we had last weekend to you .. but seeing that i am just catching up here its too late .. next time!

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