Friday, July 24, 2015

No Story To Tell

I've been thinking about this blog.   I realized this morning that I have no story to tell and perhaps that's why I've lost interest in it.   I like to share my photos.   Other than that, there's just not a lot to say about my daily life.   It's a routine.   It's not all that interesting.   I don't travel as I did when I was younger in a different lifestyle.   I am not a DIY person by any stretch of the imagination.   The remodel on the house was last year and I have no plans to do something like that again.   So what's my daily story?   Just a routine.   

I've started sharing photos on Instagram.   Isn't that supposed to be photos from your phone?   It seems to me that people share a lot of photos from their big cameras.   Is that breaking the rules?   I have absolutely no idea as I haven't really figured out the whole Instagram thing yet.   I take photos and videos from my phone but they are usually of the animals or something trivial, interesting only to me, and not to the Instagram world.    As you may know, I have thousands of photos that I love to share, but are they Instagram photos?   I don't think they are meant for that.   *shrugs*

As I continue to think about this blog, I also consider whether I am just a boring person.   Maybe I need to find a way to add more excitement or interest or whatever to my life.   It really is hard when you have animals to care for on a daily basis.   It's a responsibility that I don't take lightly and the truth is, it's not easy to find someone to trust to stay here when we are both away.   If I had someone who was 100% reliable, I would get in my truck more often and head up the road for a few days.   You can't just have someone throw food at the animals twice a day and have that be good enough.   

Anyway, I'm not sure where I'm going with this ramble.   It's Friday, 6am, and I'm just writing some thoughts.   

Here's a photo to go along with it....Mellow Yellow, a very favorite color of mine.

Have a wonderful weekend.   Our fair started this week and the weather is relatively cool, so Sunday may be a good time to visit and eat a little bit of that "really bad for you" fair food.


Word Weaver Art said...

I really LIKE regular... fed the donkey... laughed at the squirrel... watched the storm roll in... saw big waves on the rocks... Regular is real... It's YOUR story.

Margaret Adamson said...

I love your blog. it is YOU. Now those animals that you care for, what about photos of them? Going to the fair will have you snapping away with lots to sharec. You mustt have flowers in your garden, shot them in all kinds of conditions and weather. Any butterleis, bees etc? Now that is enough to be going on with. Have a lovely weekend.

shirley said...

You do what you want, when you want to on this blog. Share away, even without titles or words. I'll still stop by to look!
Instagram.... I joined a long time ago, when you could only post via phone, when there was no web interface, etc. For me, it is a place for my camera phone photos. I like the simplicity of it, that I don't have to download to LightRoom, etc, etc. For me, the focus is on the composition, simply the organic process of capturing something that catches my eye.
Alas, as IG has become very popular, it is my opinion that people use it to gain exposure (nothing wrong with that) and marketing. So people post photos from their DSLRs. Again, nothing *wrong* with that, it's just not what IG is for me.
So, do what you are moved to do. If you decide to join IG, I can be found as 'shirley319'. I won't mind the trivial things (and there is a LOT of garbage on IG, you would only elevate it).

Missy George said...

You took the words right out of my mouth but I wouldn't have said them so eloquently. I rarely have anything exciting or interesting to say. I take pictures and then try to find something interesting to say about them... I love your photography and would surely miss it. I don't know anything about Instagram. Your pictures are your story. I never get tired of looking at those skies.. How about sharing your animals? There's always something. Frankly I get tired of the DIY blogs... Maybe it's just the summer blahs.... I hope

Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, crap! Your mention of the fair reminded me that the Georgia Mountain Fair is underway. Heck, it may even be ending today and I haven't been over there. Oh, we're all boring in our own way. Be grateful. Lives full of drama aren't near as fun as some folks would have you believe. Besides, I like hearing from folks all over the place.

Daryl said...

Instagram is all about sharing photos .. both those taken with your phone and with any other camera you care to use .. there are no rules other than use only photos you have taken or if you borrow a photo give the original artist credit and no porn ... thats it ... there are a ton of groups with themes that you can tag your photos to which gives you a way to meet others with like tastes .. and i think we're all pretty boring to ourselves ... i personally think you and your lifestyle very interesting it gives me a glimpse of rural life and thats a good thing

Comfypjs said...

Uh Oh! This blogpost sounds like another one of my favorite bloggers is going to stop. I will be really sad if you do. I think I can speak for many of your readers in saying that we love your blog because your photos are so beautiful! When you throw in what's happening in your life it is a bonus.
I would trade your 'boring life' for mine in a heartbeat.
I am at a job I don't like, at a large corporation at 7am until past 5pm usually. Then, I get to inch my way home with all the other Silicon Valley commuters for an hour for a distance that takes only 20 minutes without traffic.
I do this every week for 5 days. Then on the weekends I get to run errands and do household chores.
I personally love seeing your horses, donkeys, chickens and all the other critters you manage to capture with your camera.
And guess what? I would have never known about the elephant seals at Piedras Blancas if I hadn't seen it on your blog. Or those beautiful rolling hills on Hwy 46 when the rains have made them all green. I have taken road trips to show friends these places.
I think your life is calm my life needs.
Okay, I am off the soapbox now :)

Tabor said...

I see a post about fair food, interesting people at the fair, the history of the fair, rides, the history of a local fair, even the weather. Or just a photo...

Lin said...

I think about this stuff does anyone really give a hoot about my frogs or other silly stuff I blog about? And then I think about stopping...but I like posting every now and then...for me.

I think the blog has to be for you...and the audience second. Especially if you are only doing this for fun and not money.

I love your photos and really enjoy them. Maybe you can just work on your photography and post the photos here. I would like to see more the smaller views and corners of your place. Maybe some barn photos...or the animals.

I hope you continue.

Karen Ann said...

Your blog is your space and you should fill it when the mood strikes with whatever it is that strikes you.

Lynne said...

See . . . there you go, truthful . . .
I recently made a change on how, when, what I was blogging about . . .
I had list my zest . . . the flow wasn't there . . .
I decided I had to get back to ME . . . my routine, what I wanted to say, write about, photograph . . .
I have found me again . . .
(Lost instead of list up above.)
Your pondering, wondering, truthfulness is what draws me to open your post, others that do that too . . .
I like how you feel about your animals . . . very much.
And your photography draws me in . . . takes me places . . . lovely . . .

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