War of the Worlds?

That's what one of my friends called it when we had an intense thunder and lightning storm on Saturday night.   Other comments on Facebook were from people who have lived here 40+ years and have never seen rain in July.   I grew up in the Midwest where thunderstorms are quite common.   I have to say, the intensity of the lightning and thunder was more than I ever remember.   The photos people captured around the area are incredible.   Those people are much braver (or dumber) than I.   I wouldn't step outside the house, let alone venture anywhere to take photos of that kind of lightning.   If you're on Facebook, you can look at our local station, KSBY.   They have hundreds of photos on their page that people have sent in.   

I played it much safer and took photos of the skies before and after the storm, but not during.   We had over 2 inches of rain.   There was no record for rain amounts in July because it's never happened. We don't have rain in July.   This was due to a tropical Hurricane Dolores and the fact that the Pacific waters are warmer than normal.   Yes, there's a lot of discussion about El Nino this year.   If this is a sign of things to come this winter, we better brace ourselves.

I have hundreds of new photos.   And so the sorting begins again :-)

Thanks for stopping by.   I hope you have a great Tuesday.   


Lin said…
I always wonder why some people feel the need to go out in storms to record it. I'm always hiding indoors! Glad you are safe and stayed inside.

Lovely photos.
I think you wre very wise sstaying indoors and these before and after shots are wonderful.
Missy George said…
Beautiful skies Denise...Great shots...
I'm not that brave either when it comes to weather shots of lightening, and wonder what people are thinking when they take videos of tornadoes--That a crazy kind of crazy! :-)

But I love your photos, and look forward to seeing what you post next!

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