Stuck in the Middle

There is a stretch of Moonstone Beach at Cambria that isn't always accessible because the tide comes in and you're cut off from any exit.   Yesterday the tide was out and just starting to come back in.   I was happy about that because I love these rocks.

I'm heading out to the barn for another horsey morning.   Have a nice Friday and a great weekend!


Missy George said…
Beautiful seascape. Great rock formations.. Enjoy your weekend.
Lovely image and hope you had a good ride on the horse. Have a lovely weekend.
Hi Denise! Once again, I'm playing catch up on your blog, I'm sorry I've been missing your posts. I always enjoy your photos, and the glimpses into the beautiful place you call home! I love the beach, a perfect place to sit and watch the tide come in!
Lynne said…
Wonderful image . . . just beautiful Denise!
Ida said…
I love the ocean and would so enjoy this spot. It's very pretty.

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