Just the Same

Thank you for all the words about my possible Shingles.   There's been no change.   No better, no worse.   Still not sure if this is Shingles, but I have a doctor's appointment next week and will discuss it further.   The scalp pain is annoying but not that bad.   The anti-viral medication makes me tired and a little dizzy.   I'm thankful I've seen no rash.   

I'm trying to make sure I spend some time outside every day so I don't sit around doing nothing.  I've been riding my horse, Beau, but haven't had the energy to ride both horses so Buddy hasn't had enough attention this past week.   Beau has been a pill and not making my rides easy.   Horses can go through phases where they just don't want to work and they find ways of evasion.   Beau is the master of pulling from his bag of tricks.   They sense our weaknesses and are willing to play on those.   Still, I start every ride hopeful that this one will be better.   And my trainer is a huge help when I need it.  

The meds pull me into a nap almost every day, which I don't really like because by the time I wake up, it seems there are only about two hours of daylight left.   I'm still looking at the clock around 6pm and thinking it's bedtime, not yet used to the time change.   I'm falling asleep much earlier and missing some of my favorite shows on TV.   I'm hoping I can get away from the naps after I finish the meds, and make the adjustment to early darkness before too long.   It seems to be harder to adjust to time changes as I get older.   

We continue to have pretty sunsets and a little rain from the scattered clouds.   Still no El Nino deluge around here so we continue to wait, wondering how much rain will come this Winter.   

It's Monday....completely overcast with a few showers predicted.   Thanks for stopping by.   I hope you enjoy your day.


Tabor said…
Hopefully, if it is shingles, it will heal sooner rather than later. Medicine does not usually bother me unless I have to take it for more than three or four days. Keep eating the yogurt and other foods to keep your intestinal track healthy.
I love the firt shot taken from the back of th horse. Good that you are getting out even through you have to take naps. just do what you body is telling yuo to do
Missy George said…
Gorgeous skies Denise..Glad you are riding a little at least...We haven't had much rain and are expecting rain tomorrow..The trees need it badly..Only a half inch is predicted..not enough..Glad you don't have the Shingles rash..Hopefully it won't happen..
C-ingspots said…
What is it with shingles lately?! Seems like it's being diagnosed everywhere. So sorry to hear that you may have it. Doesn't sound like much fun getting through that. Hopefully, if it's a positive diagnosis, you will overcome quickly. I hear you about the time change. I feel just as you do, and really don't appreciate no daylight time in the evenings. What better to do than go to bed?
Love your horse view shot, and of course your skies and clouds always make me sigh. Thanks!
Lin said…
Ugh. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Dang horse. He's not helping the situation, is he? You'd think he'd sense you are not feeling well and BE NICE to you!

Hope you figure this out soon and are feeling back to your old self. The time change is rough--I'm struggling too.
Lynne said…
So sorry to just be hearing about you and possible Shingles . . .
I hope you'll feel better very soon. . .
Happy you have been able ride a bit . . .
Grantham Lynn said…
Oh I love your pics. The blue one at the end is soooo pretty.
I came over from Michelle's Small Town Girl I saw your name on her list. I love you Autumn Sky Ranch name. I'm a transplanted country girl. I visit any ranch or country related blogger.
I'm sorry you've been feeling bad. Glad you get to ride. I miss it so.
I miss having horses altogether! Thank you for sharing your life. You bring me Joy.
I hope you get to feeling better soon.

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