Frame It

For me, one of the most interesting sites at the coast is the sand art.   Not sandcastles, but rather the patterns and textures that the water creates in the sand.   I'm going to look through my files, find a few that I really like, and frame them.   These are the photos that lend themselves to many editing choices.   Rather than get caught up, spending hours trying too many, I may just go with these.

The heron isn't interested at all.   He just wants fish.

It's very cold here, heading down to 23 degrees tonight.   My joints are telling me that we don't like the cold so much.   Yes, I'm a fair weather gal.   Not too hot, not too cold.   One more really cold day and I'll probably be doing some of the baking I was talking about.

Fudge, anyone?


Missy George said…
lovely pictures...We've been in the 60's..going down to the 30's over the weekend then back up in the 50's over CHristmas..crazy..Happy baking
I am baking brownies tonight so we obviously have the same thoughts when the weather turns cold! Your photos are truly amazing. Such texture and depth. You certainly have an eye for the things that many don't see when they look at the tides. BTW, saw one of your photos on KSBY the other night...congratulations!
Lin said…
Those are great photos! I love the textures. The heron...not so much. When you have them visiting your backyard pond and he eats your fish....not cool. I'm like that about raccoon now too.
23 degrees???? Holy cow, that's cold for you guys. We're still having unseasonably warm temps - up to hear 70 today and sunshine. Loving it but we'll drop back to normal one of these days I'm sure.
Lynne said…
Really nice photos . . .
We had some weeks around here with tons of high wind.
The photos some of the people captured of the sand at the beach made it look like an art piece.
It is always such a treat to see your photos.
I hope warmer days are coming your way!
Merry Christmas
Daryl said…
lovely ... and do not get me started on weather .. its totally insane here with summer like days alternating with coat weather and rain
C-ingspots said…
Yes please! I love cold, dry weather but so far, it's just rain and rain and some more storm blew in last night. *sigh* For cold weather, there is nothing quite down. For jackets and for sleeping under. Just sayin'
C-ingspots said…
I meant..."there is nothing quite LIKE down.
Karen Ann said…
SO odd that it's so cold out on your coast and we're not wearing jackets in the Northeast.

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