Monday, December 21, 2015

Let There Be Light

Looking forward to a little more daylight after the Solstice.   I just haven't adjusted to the shorter days and still feel like it's bedtime by 7:00.   Too much darkness.   It leads to too much sitting around, too much snacking, and watching too many Hallmark holiday movies.   You know the ones, where they rotate the actors but follow pretty much the same themes.   They always feature ice skating, a regular guy who pops up now and again making you question whether he's really Santa (he is), and scenes that include a sponsor's product such as Folgers or a new one this year, PAM spray.   

Erik watches sports in the other room.   The Warriors are nothing short of amazing.   The Forty Niners are terrible and nobody cares, everyone wishes the owner would just go away.   And then we're keeping track of the additions to the SF Giants team for next season.   

I tried to get tickets for the Adele concert in San Jose.   A ridiculous waste of time online as scalpers sent in their bots to purchase all the tickets within minutes.   Trying to attend any big name concert is for the wealthy as tickets are being offered for hundreds and thousands of dollars.   I can do much more with my money.   It's sad, really, for those of us who remember attending concerts "back in the day" when all we had to do was camp overnight in a line and end up getting pretty good seats to a band such as The Rolling Stones or Paul McCartney or Elton John.   Ah well.   At least we have YouTube to catch those we miss.

We had a little more rain over the weekend.   It's been cold here so the rain turns to morning fog and frost all over the pastures.   I took this with my phone yesterday morning.

We're due more rain sometime today/tomorrow, then again on Thursday.   We're still nowhere near being out of the woods as far as the drought is concerned, but we'll take anything we can get.   The weather makes it seem a bit more like Christmas.   My oldest hen and my rooster (both are almost 7 years old) decorated the coop yesterday.   I thought they did a very nice job.

I hope you are all staying calm during this season.   No stress.   If it doesn't get done, it's okay.   Enjoy the season!


Pepper Medley said...

If it doesn't get done.... EXACTLY.... the only pressure most people feel is pressure they put on themselves.

Your poultry certainly did do a great job of decorating. Hope they get lots of bugs to nibble on for Christmas dinner!

Existe Sempre Um Lugar said...

Para si e sua família desejo um Natal de Luz! Abençoado e repleto de alegrias.

C-ingspots said...

Ooh, I like that last line. Don't worry about it!

Exactly!! About the concerts, yes back in our day you could go see all the really cool bands for $10-$15 and enjoy. Not anymore, I refuse to pay that much. Like you said, I have better ways to spend my money.

LOVE what the chickens did with their coop!!! Send them my way, I'd like them to do my barn. :)

If anybody complains about a drought around here, I'm just gonna slap them!

Missy George said...

I'm with you Denise..The less stress, the better..The chickens did a great job..We are to have some kind of rain until Christmas day..Have a Merry Christmas and all the best to you in 2016..

baili said...

you have lovely place and sharing is really interesting dear,your hen and Rooster reminded me the time when i lived with my mom and used to have lots of hens and cocks i loved watching the little chicks playing around their moms and the sensitivity of hen moms which always get so angry when someone get close to their kids best wishes

Daryl said...

our local news team suggested those who want 'hot' tickets sign up to become a fan - visit the fan page - of whoever the act is you want to see .. it seems on the official sites fan get early access to tickets ... just a thought

merry christmas to you and Eric and all the animals

Existe Sempre Um Lugar said...

A melhor saída é seguir em frente com motivação.
Feliz Ano Novo

Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, the new header shot made me gasp when I opened your site!!! What a treat that had to be.

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