Turkey Tuesday

Okay, I just made that up because I couldn't think of another title.

Some months ago, our neighbors behind us added flocks of fowl to their property.   Not the usual flock of chickens, but turkeys, pheasants, one rooster, and some other birds I don't immediately recognize.   They let the turkeys and rooster wander the property which of course concerns me because of predators.   But they're not my birds so it's not my responsibility.   Anyway, our boy dog has been listening to them for all these months and watching their movements from a distance.   He stands out back and throws shots across the property with his "boof" sounds.   I guess it means, "Don't even think about coming over here."

Recently the turkeys have been wandering outside the open gate and spending some time right over our back fence.   The other day our dogs took off, ran up there, and were able to get closer than ever before.   Needing the exercise anyway, and being interested in the safety of the turkeys (well, and wanting some photos), I walked up after the dogs.

As the turkeys came closer to the fence, Zoey was quite interested in them, although not in a threatening way.   I knew the same wouldn't be true for her brother.   I guess turkeys are curious creatures because they came right up to the fence just as Zach was sticking his nose through to get a good smell.   Zoey felt her brother was going to hurt her new turkey friends and gave him a little sisterly encouragement to get away.   I knew he wouldn't back down, and it looked like the turkeys were about to get aggressive too.   I got the dogs away from the fence and we went back down the hill.

Turkeys are such interesting creatures, and the colors on this breed makes them very photogenic.

I hope the turkeys have the good sense to stay on their own side of the fence.   

For our dogs....life is good.


Well, they certainly are beautiful birds! I'm familiar with that "boof" sound the dogs make, too, mine does it when he sees the garbage truck outside...it's a warning that probably works better on turkeys though haha.
A Quiet Corner said…
Good thing your dogs are not birders!!!...:)JP
Pepper Medley said…
Our two boxers are boomers as well. Much rather have that noise than a full blown bark that scares the buhjeezus out of me!.

The turkey are gorgeous! Wild ones here in our area are brown and ugly. Wondering what kind of turkeys your neighbor has.

Missy George said…
Turkeys can probably handle their own. They can be pretty feisty! Very pretty. I would hate to have anything happen to them.
Lin said…
Wouldn't the turkeys fight back? I hear they can be pretty aggressive.
good there is a fence betwn the Turkeys adn dogs. love the last shot of turkeys
Daryl said…
nice ..title and a fun post .. love your turkey shots
Lynne said…
Those are very nice looking turkeys . . .
Great pictures . . .
I wonder if they crossed a turkey with a peacock for the interesting color.
Not sure why I thought that but really curious!

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