And It's February

The month of hearts and flowers and candy.   And pink and red.   

Except for those of us who live in California.   It's the month of green.   So much green.   We try to soak in all the green because once it's gone, we are looking at nothing but brown.   

Last week we had days that looked like the photos below.   And then yesterday, another fast moving winter storm blew through, leaving about an inch of rain and cold enough temperatures to turn some of that rain into hail in parts of the county.   Shortly after noon, the rain stopped and the skies cleared again.   The result of that will be longer lasting green.   And photos to capture the beauty created by an El Nino winter.   

People in cold areas of the country are counting down the days until Spring.   I would be very happy if Winter would continue for a while so we can enjoy the beauty of our hills.   As much as I love the color pink, it's green that is making me happy.


Karen Ann said…

Love your pics, and header!!

Denise, the sky is magnificent...glad you caught it!...:)JP
C-ingspots said…
Oh, they're just lovely! I'm so happy to hear that Cali is getting rain, and even some snow! :)
Tabor said…
Crazy weather producing such beautiful countryside and great photos of that.
Missy George said…
SO glad that the west coast is finally getting some much needed rain..Enjoy
marga bren said…
Un cielo espectacular.
Lin said…
So beautiful! I especially love green grass that I don't have to mow. That is the one blessing with winter in gives us a rest from all of the yard work.

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