It's Perfect - We'll Take It

It's been perfect weather here.   Squeezed in between the last heat wave and the one that's coming next weekend, we have enjoyed cool mornings, pretty cloudy skies, and the kind of weather you would like to keep all summer long.   There were horse events over the weekend that I attended for a while, watching friends show.   So different, one from the other.   There was a dressage show at the relatively new Paso Horse Park, a terrific venue that's hosting quite a few hunter/jumper shows and now dressage.   Normally in the summer it would be blazing hot in and around Paso Robles.   We were able to wear hats and sunscreen and be perfectly comfortable on Friday.

On Saturday some friends showed their horses at a completely different venue.   They showed in Western Dressage and also natural trail obstacles.   Very casual, laid back, not so serious environment.   It was a lot of fun to watch as I don't show.

Fun times with people I like, great weather, time outdoors....makes me happy.   Oh yes, and the Warriors won and the Giants took the series against the Dodgers.   Woohoo!

Have a good week.


Sounds like a perfect day for you and the horses look very handsome
Really looking forward to this week as well! SO glad that June heatwave did not turn into a permanent thing as I was fearing. Plenty of heat still to go, but it's nice to get a little break.
Missy George said…
Sounds like things are all good! Happy for you. Enjoy
Im Downtown said…
Great pictures - horses are such majestic and beautiful animals. Glad that your weather cooperated, too!
Daryl said…
awesome images ... and we've been having nice weather too .. i wish it would be this way all year long
C-ingspots said…
I live for those perfect weather days! Your pictures are beautiful, and maybe you should go buy a lottery ticket - sounds like you're on a roll!!

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