Monday, June 6, 2016

Plan the Day

I sort of had the day planned, then realized I have an 11:00 massage appointment.   I usually schedule massages early afternoon so I have the morning free to take care of other things, ride my horse, run errands, all before I crash after my massage.   Also, I don't usually have them scheduled on Mondays.   Such a problem, I know.   Yet it throws a wrench in my morning.

Things to do:

Take care of chickens and dogs....goes without saying.
Take out the trash
Get cleaned up, shave my legs (shocking, but it IS Summer!)
Pay some bills online
Bemoan the fact that a gopher has dug a hole next to one of our Pony Plum trees.   Damnit!
Go out to the barn to feed my horses their supplements.   Feel bad that it's a nice morning and I don't have time to ride.
Write a short blog post.
Write a few things on Facebook.
Feel satisfied that the ant traps took care of the problem in the bathroom.
Clean the bathroom floor of all the dead ant bodies.
Go to Trader Joe's and cross my fingers that I can find a parking space for my truck.   
Buy horse feed and chicken feed and wait until tomorrow to dump all 50-lb. bags into storage containers.   Because of the massage, you know.   Don't want to mess that up the same day.
Tell the dogs to stop barking....several times.
Remove the stickers from Zoey for the 1000th time so far this Summer.
And so I best get moving.   

Sorry for no photos, but it wasn't on the list.



Margaret Adamson said...

I am exhausted reading the list!! Now I need a massage!!

HotFlashHomestead said...

The busy mornings are especially challenging in the heat but if you can get up early enough to beat it, it's a reward in and of itself!

Lynne said...

Huge list but bet you are mellow now!

Pepper Medley said...

Oh jeez.... that's way too much to do. I'd just go back to bed. LOL

comfypjs said...

You totally crack me up!

Daryl said...

i love it... sounds like a country version of my Saturday erranding ..

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