Monday, August 22, 2016

Good Things and ???

Not a typical post for me, but there are a few things I have been purchasing at the market this summer that I thought I'd share.   

I recently read about wild blueberries being a very very healthy food, way better than the fresh blueberries you find in little packs.   Wild blueberries are found in the frozen section of Trader Joe's, for those of you who have that in your area.   I'm sure many other markets carry them as well, although I haven't seen them at our local Von's.   I bought them and I love them.   I combine them with something else I like, Fage 0% Yogurt.   It makes for a yummy breakfast and I'm sure it would be excellent in a smoothie as well.   If you like blueberries, give them a try.   As an added bonus, they are very good for your animals, particularly a chicken that's not feeling so great.

Erik and I try not to eat much bread.   We've (actually he) discovered a product called Flat-out Light.

We add lettuce, tomato, and whatever else we like, fold it or roll it, and enjoy it instead of a sandwich made with bread.   It's tasty and filling and I recommend it as an alternative to bread.   They have several other products, even one for making pizza, although we haven't tried any.   Maybe something for a cooler day when I feel like heating up the house with the oven.   A friend used them to make pizzas on the barbecue so that might be a good option too.

Another item I'd call a good thing, although not a food item, is something I tried yesterday to clean my toilet.   We have a lot of calcium in our sort of hard water.   As such, keeping the stain out of our toilets is quite a task.   I've tried products that I thought should work, but I'm never quite satisfied.   Yesterday I bought Lysol Lime and Rust.   It didn't remove everything but it's way way better than before I used it.   If you live in an area where the water is cruel to your toilet bowl, give it a try.   You're Welcome!

None of these companies have compensated me to mention their products.   I just like them.

Now here's a question I have for you.   What the heck is up with the price of shavers?   At my age, I don't shave my legs nearly as much as I used to, so fortunately I don't have to buy new shavers by the dozens.   But still, I am shocked at how expensive they are.   When did that happen, and why????   

And the last thing today has to do with rugs.   I've mentioned it before, but why are rugs so dang expensive?   I like to change mine and always find myself leaving the store without one.   I cannot justify the price.   I need one in the kitchen, one at the doors, and one or two in the hallway.   Also, I would like a new large area rug for the dining room and living room.   The prices????   Seriously???? They aren't even fancy or special wool rugs, not handmade, not thick or lush, not worth the hundreds of dollars in total that I would have to spend.   If I bought all the rugs I'd like to replace, I'd easily spend $1000.   I'd rather spend that on a new chair for the bedroom.   If that was in the budget right now.   

Being inside as much as I've been this past month, I'm redecorating the house in my head.   I'm obsessing over stripes on an accent wall in the bedrooms.   I'm pondering new vanities/sinks for the bathrooms.   Oh let's hope the smoke clears soon and I can start riding my horse again.   Things are getting financially dangerous around here!!!!

This is our Monday sunrise, still greatly enhanced by smoke in the air.   

Have a good Monday and thanks for stopping by.


Pepper Medley said...

I'll have to agree with you on the price of rugs. And razors? What kind are you shopping for, the mens' or the womens'? I have read that womens' are more expensive than mens, so I just use the same kind my husband uses.

The wild berries sound yummy. I have a couple of ziploc baggies of wild berries in the freezer that I picked this summer. Saving them for a special day I guess. xo

Florida Farm Girl said...

I've been paying attention to the fires around Cambria and wondering how you guys were doing. Stay safe, dear girl.

Margaret Adamson said...

Hope the fires keeep thier distance from you.

Daryl said...

beautiful even tho i know how horrible those fires are

Missy George said...

I'm way behind in responding these days..The price of everything seems to be going up and up..Stay safe...

Lynne said...

I hope the fires stay away . . . stop would be even better.
Razor prices made me laugh . . . I wondered too . . . WHAT. WHY . . .
All of a sudden . . . not something I need to purchase often but noticed the price change.
Missy is right, everything seems more costly.
I agree on rug prices . . .
I need replacements and I am sure it will be another 500+ . . .
I have had some luck with fairly good prices at Home Goods.
Finding color and pattern is another matter.

Ellen said...

Hi, our son, husband and I joined It is much cheaper for good quality razors and blades and customer service is great.

C-ingspots said...

Your first shot made me take a deep breath and just stare for a pretty! Very happy to hear your fire situation is changing - yes, thankful for firefighters. What a job they do.

Mmmm I love most fresh picked berries. Our marions were especially delicious this year, and strawberries, boysens, blacks too.

Glad you're finally able to ride again!!! That single act does more for my sanity than anything else. And just being outside. Glad your cooling off too - us as well and I'm loving it. :)

I like Costco for rugs. Nice, big, thick cotton bath mats are $10 and they have 6x9 or 10? for $200. Spendy but very nice and the big ones you don't buy quite as often.

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