I Have A Friend

I grew up in small town Iowa where everyone knows everyone.   I moved westward (ho) after one year of college.   I always knew I'd leave, never even once considered that I'd live in Iowa for the rest of my life.   I didn't even think about it, really, I just knew I'd leave.   And so with a couple of twists and turns, I ended up in California in 1990.   I feel as though I belong here.   

I have a friend I have known since about age 13 or so.   Her name is Paula and she happens to live about 20 minutes from me, and she also feels that she belongs here in California.   Talking to her, spending time with her, is so familiar.   It's an interesting thing about childhood friends and perhaps it has to do with being from a small town, I'm not sure.   Somehow there is a strong sense of familiar that we don't have with friends we make later in life.   

Paula is trying to help me find a dress for an up coming wedding that we are attending in November.   Nothing is working for me.   When I look online at dresses, I find myself drawn to things for my thirty-something self.   I imagine myself looking really good in some of the dresses, then snap back to reality.   I recently turned 61, I no longer slip into whatever I want to wear, knowing my perfect size will always work.   Far from it.   And so I try on dress after dress, finding nothing that works.   I purchased one that I will probably return as soon as I find the right one.   Paula had one for me to try but it was way too short.   She has another one for me to try.   She is determined not to stop until she helps me find the right one.    

I love Paula.   She is exactly what a friend should be.   With her help, I am sure I will find something I feel comfortable wearing.   But it better be soon.   Even a good friend can't stop the calendar from turning.


It is so good to have a freind like Paula. Both these shots are gorgeous
Oh, did you get this right! Used to be so easy to buy clothes. Now? Royal pain. Good luck.
Oh yes, been there and done that. I just put together an outfit yesterday that I thought was so chic. Then I caught sight of myself in Target and realized I looked frumpy lol. The 30-something stuff just doesn't work anymore! But I am sure with a friend like Paula, she will find you something amazing. I've bought some amazing dresses from catalogs like North Style, Coldwater Creek (they are back in business) ...and if all else fails, there's always Macy's in Fresno or Monterey!
Pepper Medley said…
I recall when Kelly got married and I went to a wedding dress shop to find a dress. As the mother of the bride, that is the styles that the ladies in the shop were having me try on... ugh.... the girlfriend that was with me finally had me try on a full length bridesmaid dress, and that is what I bought and wore. Of course that was 19 years ago, not sure I could get away with doing that now. Keep looking.. You WILL find something and I know Paula will be a huge help to you... xox
Missy George said…
How about a long skirt with a flowy top?? Pants? Glad you have some help..Great shots!!
Karen Ann said…

I grew up on Staten Island, NY but I always knew it was not where I was meant to stay. Funny how that can be, huh? i've been in New England every since and truly feel it is my home.

I know what you mean about not being able to dress exactly the way my thirty year old self did. I'm going to send you a few suggestions... fb message I think.

Comfypjs said…
I am thankful I am not invited to as many events anymore that require dressing up or worse, wearing a dress! I used to love dresses and high heels in my younger days but now, if the clothing and/or shoes produce the least amount of discomfort I do not buy them.
Thankfully, you have your friend to help you but your body and feet will be the test for sure.

Tabor said…
I have a wedding coming up and need to wear something casual/chic. That is hard as my closet is full of gardening/canoeing clothes and a few more formal wedding attire, but nothing casual/chic.
C-ingspots said…
I understand completely about that feeling of familiarity when it comes to childhood friends. There's just something special, and seemingly a deeper level about those friendships. Very rare. Just curious - why did you always know you'd leave Iowa? Because that also means leaving "home", family and those long-time acquaintances? I still live where I grew up, within 10 miles and daydream about moving a lot.
I also understand about not being able to find perfectly fitting and comfortable clothing these days. Boy, do I! But at least with your friend Paula, it's an enjoyable search and you can trust her advice. I sure hope you'll let us see the one you end up wearing!
Lynne said…
There is the post I missed "about a wedding . . ."
Happy I searched . . .
I have had that dilemma . . . what to wear . .
Espicially when my inner vision doesn't match the glaring look in the mirror!
But having a "good friend" in your pocket will carry you through . . .
Nothing like a good friend . .
Happy searching for the "what to wear!"
Lynne said…
I think especially is spelled this way!

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