What Happened to October?

I blinked and it was gone.   But it left with some beautiful skies and a few October-like images.

A fire breathing dragon....well, at least in my imagination.

A pole-sitting vulture stopped in for lunch and then sat down to rest for a while.

And I enjoyed sitting outside with the dogs more than I ever do during the Summer months.

I took some of these photos with my iPhone 7 Plus.   I like it a lot for many reasons, the camera being one.

Now the battery is dying on my MacBook Pro.   It's always something, isn't it?   But it's the wedding weekend so I shall think about that next week.   Thanks for stopping by.


Tabor said…
My phone camera is awful, but I did not pay much for it, so I guess I cannot complain.
We got plenty of rain, which was nice. October seems like it has been so dry in the years before this one. You got some great shots of the clouds!
You are so right, I don't know where October went either - It really skated past me, and I'm hoping that November doesn't do the same thing.
You are also right about the clouds!! Take care, and I hope you have a good weekend!! :-)

Missy George said…
I love fall skies..Time goes much faster the older you get , I think..Cameras on phones have come a long way..Almost don't need my big girl camera any more..almost
Have a good weekend..happy wedding
That's a lovely shot of you in the last frame. The sky and the clients are utterly amazing.
Lynne said…
Blink and it was gone . . .
I do love your cloud sky captures though . . .
Good news about the iPhone 7plus . .
I just received a note about my upgrade . . .
Wedding . . . I need to catch up . .
Happy weekend . . .
Daryl said…
did you get the 7 or 7+? love the glasses!
C-ingspots said…
We had the most horrendous October EVER! Since the beginning of time, it was the wettest on record...seriously, sucked. And normally, it's one of my 3 most favorite months. But I totally agree, it went fast. This year is going super fast! Now for the elections to pass just as fast. I am still waiting to see the dress you picked for the wedding... :)
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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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