Holy Buckets of Water

The numbers are so welcome to a drought stricken state.   San Francisco has already had the 7th highest rainfall in January, on record.   One of our local lakes has risen to 80% of capacity.   At least 40% of the state is out of drought.   Mother Nature has apparently decided we've had enough drought years for now.  

Of course with heavy rains and freaky winds comes some chaos and destruction, and these storms have left plenty of that in their wakes.   Countless trees down, mudslides, flooding, major road closures.   And yet people are celebrating the rain because who isn't tired of hearing about lack thereof?  

We drove over to the coast on Saturday and it was HOLY COW impressive.   There were 25-30 foot waves which are hard to describe through photos because you have to feel them and hear them to fully understand the awesomeness.  

Tons and tons of debris, mostly wood, was piled on the beaches.

People are sorting through and taking driftwood from these piles.   I haven't seen any sea glass yet but I shall return in search of my own treasures.   It's a little too wet but when the sand dries out a little, the pebbles rise.   It's rare for me to find any glass larger than a thumbnail but I like them just the same.   I also like the pretty pebbles and often add a few of those to my small collection.   There is a sea glass show in Cayucos every year.   I've never gone but I'm thinking this year I should.   I may have to spend a little to find a good size piece, and of course I'd rather pick one myself from the sand, but it would be nice to have at least one.   

I hope you're having a nice week.   Can you believe January is nearing the end?   


I collect white stones as well as pieces of shell and bone, so I'll be heading over there to scavenge soon too. Love your pics, can't believe all that wood! Guess everything that didn't survive the drought is coming out of the ground and getting washed away. Probably a good thing come fire season.
I love the waves in the first shot and I hope you find some pebbles
Shammickite said…
I used to pick up sea glass when I was a child in England. And now, sadly, I live too far from the ocean.
C-ingspots said…
I love beachcombing after a good storm! Hope you find some treasures, and so happy to hear Cali is heading out of drought status. Whoohoo!
Tabor said…
I can remember the sound of waves in Hawaii when there were North Shore storms. It was scary and impressive. I look at all that wood and think of warm cozy fires!
baili said…
you got quite of rains there!
these huge waves frighten me as though i love sea but the restlessness of it makes me shattered .
thank you for sharing amazing pics of you land .
blessings from Asia
Lynne said…
I feel giddy for you . . .
I think you will find a beautiful piece of sea glass!
And then this "me" living in the January 2017
rainy, mud fest of Western Michigan
will be in "good cheer" when you show us your find/finds!
I love your photos . . .
although I couldn't HEAR the waves
oh my . . . perfect picture . . .
Happy for your "no more drought" . . .
Missy George said…
Happy for you..We've had a bit of rain as well..Glad it wasn't snow..I remember how impressive "after the storm" waves can be,,I miss the shore..I guess all that debris collected on the "new shores" when the water levels receeded and is now being washed up..Not a good time to be in the water..Beautiful picture..I hope you find your sea glass..ENjoy your day..
koi seo said…
I love the waves in the first shot and I hope you find some pebbles


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