Friday, February 10, 2017

The Frogs Are Singing

We have had so much rain, the ground is completely soaked, and the frogs are all singing in full chorus.   I don't know where they live, at least not exactly, but they are all around and sound as though they are right outside the door.   They may be.   All I know is they are happy and if I saw one, I would hope he'd show himself long enough that I could capture his photo.

There is a lake in nearby Atascadero that was completely empty.   A couple years ago there were goats living in the lake bottom, although I don't remember why.   It was a sad situation.   After the rains this past week, the lake is overflowing and running down a small creek through the park into a larger creek.   Everyone is very happy about it and the park is alive with the water fowl and people's smiling faces.   The paddle boats will once again be available for rent and they are considering whether they can stock the lake with some type of fish.   

This family appears to be living on the shore.   I didn't want to get too close because the leader was watching everything going on around them.   I don't trust geese, even though I'd love to get closer for photos.   

There are a few flowers starting to show their color.   I saw a bed of daffodils just about ready to open, and a small bit of purple.   

And then there was this face.   Bassett Hounds have the most expressive eyes.   

And that was my visit to the park.   I hope you enjoyed it too.   Have a nice Friday and as always, thanks for visiting.


Missy George said...

Looks like a nice park..I don't trust geese either..They can be nasty..Great to have water back in the lake again, I'll bet..I know that toads live in the mud..Not sure about frogs..Did you even have mud?? Greta shot of the Periwinkle.Looks like Spring in your neighborhood..Have a good weekend..

Tabor said...

Beautiful periwinkle photo. Ours only bloom when the weather is very warm and even hot! Love the birds that are busy getting ready for spring.

C-ingspots said...

Oh my gosh, no - never trust a goose!! They are beautiful though, aren't they?

Such good news about your lake and all that rain that Cali's been, everything is flooding, landslides, sink holes in roads. Yeck!

But today there is sun!

Daryl said...

i recommend zooming or cropping for getting closer to fowl

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