List and Location

We are nearly certain we won't retire here.   As much as we have loved living here on the Central Coast, it is just very expensive and not ideal for us financially.   We have lived in California a very long time, more than 60 years for him, nearly 30 years for me.   It's hard to think about life somewhere else, but I think we are almost to the point of acceptance.   

The thing about my personality and considering a move is that I get a bit obsessed over it, even though it's not imminent.   I spend far too much time on the real estate sites.   I look at homes, maps, weather, crime data, anything that makes sense for me to research.   Prescott, Arizona, is still at the top of our list.   It's beautiful, the right size, clean air, reasonable weather, and relatively close to a large city with resources and an airport.   Oh yes, and baseball!   Also, I lived in Arizona for 12 years before I moved to California.   While it's changed a LOT, at least I'm familiar with the state and know a few people who live there.   We are feeling that it makes sense.   We shall see.

Considering selling our house means we also have a list of things that will need to be done.   Again, it's not urgent, but at least we have goals to work toward.   This weekend I gave away our original chicken coop.   I'm going to focus on other items that need to go, working from outdoor stuff to indoor stuff.   I've also cut down a large evergreen shrub, one of a few I'd like to get rid of.   Small steps toward a goal.   Clearing out and cleaning up.   

Onward toward the next chapter, preparing to turn the page.

A bit of good news, Amanda is coming in tomorrow and I will get my hair done.   She cannot talk about what's going on in the investigation, but it will be nice to see her.   

A few more rose photos.   One is of course my lovely Julia Child.   The other is new this year, Violet's Pride.

Have a great day.


Mage said…
Yes, we should probably leave too. Darn it. I love living above the beach.
Cloudia said…
We moved to Marin county after 30 years in Hawaii and are loving it! Best wishes to you wherever you go
Tabor said…
Moving for retirement is a BIG thing and needs lots of research. I remember reading a story of a couple that wanted for years to live on a small farm in the country and finally made the big move. Within a year the wife died unexpectedly, the man knew no one and was very lonely and sad and the farm was not an easy thing to sell. Research, research, research.
Sounds like you are making a very sound choice to me, you know the area, you know some people there, you love it for several reasons. Win, win if you ask me.

Lynne said…
Exciting to think about, plan, get ready for changes . . .
Excited for You!

Beautiful Roses!
Excited for you! We've only been gone a few weeks but realize we made the right decision for so many reasons, and I'm a native Californian. EVERYTHING costs less here and people are so polite and kind, both in person and on the roads. There are beaches and wineries but you can visit both and not run into hordes of tourists. I only wish we'd left California earlier...would have loved if my kids could have grown up here in Oregon! Looking forward to seeing your plans progress.
Daryl said…
i get it ... our friends who own the brownstone we all live in have decided to sell it, put it on the market back in Sept .. so far only one 'serious' offer well below the asking prices ... so no real sense of urgency yet i lok around and think who is going to pack up (and weed out) 40 yrs of 'stuff' ... realistically i know between the selling and the actual moving time there will be enough time to do whatever is needed but i really dont want to move ... and for sure i dont want to leave our current neighborhood :(

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